Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3.... 
Good morning Cat Town!!!

First thing in the morning I notice my arm don't know where do I get this cut!
anyway... I don't have time to think about it lah coz I have to do my Food Hunting at Kuching here!
First thing is the Kuching Laksa. 5 years ago I came here and try one laksa very nice which is just next tot the Tune Hotel call Teresa Laska, It wasn't not far away from my hotel here but too bad when I reach there is not open. So I when to other restaurant and eat... FYI in Kuching to look for a Kuching Laksa is not that hard one. Almost where also have and not bad too.
I ask the other stall people when is the Teresa Laska open and one guy there told me it open at night time only. Due to the timing I did not have chance to try her Laksa only some of the Boustead staff and committee they go... Unfortunately they told me it wasn't that good anymore. I ask is it old lady cook and they say no is a Indon/Malay cook there. I guess that is reason not original anymore... but anyway in Kuching there is a lot of good food in the town... One of my friend she bring me to a place to eat the Kuching Belancan Beehoon. That place is one of her favorite place since she was a students already came here makan. Ok now come I show you my day 3 trip...

This is the my first favorite Kuching Laksa I had back in the 2009. The price is increased and disappointed heard is not as good as last time anymore! Click HERE to read my old post about their laksa! 

Since the Laksa no open so I just walking around the town and look for where got nice Kuching Laksa lah!!

Is a Sunny day a bit hot lah but come to talk about eat doesn't matter how hot also have to look for it lah~

See... told you not hard to find a Kuching Laksa right... this one at the old town here also not bad one!! Now I finally puas hati already of the whole trip.. I got kuching Laksa, Kampua and Kompia!! Nice...

The only thing I didn't eat at this trip is the Kuching Red Sauce Kolomee.... but never mind lah I got this also not bad too!!

Afternoon one of my friend came to pick me up from my hotel. She used to work at KB one!! Pretty right... FYI Kuching got a lot of Sui Zabo oh!!!
She bring me to a place for lunch.. is was a house and everyone makan at their garage one!! Don't look at this small small place like this oh... many people come here just to eat their Belacan Beehoon and most of them are local malays! The place here got more than 20 years already but next year they are going to move to a new place to Satok!!! I think I kinda lucky can still have chance come here and eat the last time before they move!

They also serve ABC and rojak too... one thing is new I never heard is they have a drink very unique is call White Lady!!! See picture below later! 

Ok I want this and this and this and this!!!!

I order the ABC, they use gula melaka, the red bean very soft. My friend she order this White Lady. Inside got fresh cut Kiwi, Mango, Litchi fruit etc.... very unique! if I open restaurant for sure I bring this to Brunei. Never see got people serve this here! Then of coz the Belacan Beehoon lah!! yummy... first time I see got century eggs!!

This one is call Umai.. is a jelly fish with cucumber and carrot.
Eh i think is some thing like our chinese new year eat koropok with acar lah!! but this combination with jelly fish very nice but of coz their Koropok cannot have as good as our Brunei koropok lah. Brunei koropok is the best in the world one ah dont play play. If using our koropok this Umai will be perfect match! thumbs up..

Next year they'll move to a new place!! if you want to try their Umai, White Lady and Belacan Beehoon remember this new place next time you come to Kuching!

Next stop... I come here for see see look look just to burn some of my time if not also don't know where to go too! The Spring now got more things to shop. H&M also have inside there!

What a lucky day... saw my another old school friend here!!!

Bought some things for  my two little girls at home!!!
At night my another old friend came to pick me up from hotel and bring me go makan at TopSpot.
We both go 15 years didn't see each other already... thanks to Facebook he find me back if not I think we never see each other again hehehe...
Is there any changes we both? 
Ok.... last picture of Day 3
This one very unique. I was having dinner with my friend at the TopSpot then I hear the Ding Dong sound and then I look up and saw this 3 lcd screen showing the numbers. At first I tot is the number for the customers waiting for their foods but then I look clearly is saw is a Land transport, Immigration department. This is just like we do passport while we waiting for our next number!!!
If you want to pay your fine, renew passport or IC if the number is long you can come eat eat and wait at TopSpot while wait for your number come!!
Good right the idea like that! If we can have like that too aiyo..very easy lo not need to wait long long inside there!