Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 4)

Day 4 is the day we heading back to Sibu. After one day free and easy at Kuching now is time to say goodbye liao.
Everyone have a good rest last 2 night so today we all ready to hit the 400km road back to Sibu.
Before we left the Kuching we all visited to the Cat Museum.
play some game in the museum there. Then after that we lunch at the place also nice and unique is call Sarakraf Pavilion.
Bah now come I show you the day 4

Day 4 after the power breakfast at the Pullman hotel we have a small group photo

Lets discuss how we should do the convoy later on on our way back to Sibu!!
coz some of the driver are not familiar with the rules and technic how to do convoy!!!

All car check M-oil, water all set and ready to go!

Day 4 first stop we visit the Cat Museum.

Free masuk... not need to pay but must selfie first lah...hehe 

Hello cute kitty kitty....

Let check it out what do they have in the museum.

Ok... now I know so a cat one years old is equal to 18 years old of human!!!
But at 3 to 4 only have 5 years old age different only.

The old Kuching is look like this!!!

We should also have a museum to tell how is our old town looks like before!!!

Found a power plug is like found a parking when pay day.... you know how precious is it!!!!

Game start!!! Lets play the puzzle game see who is the fasters one!!!

Check check first see he got bring black magic power or not... lol

Group photo at the Cat Museum from door!!

Last refuel are the Kuching... after this we all straight away hit the to Sibu!! 400Km no problem can reach!

I didn't know at Kuching got such a nice food. This is a crispy yam chicken puff a.k.a Kuching Chicken puff!!! very nice and yummy and must eat fresh and crispy. Looks like a curry puff not the type at dimsum Uko!

This is where we had our lunch, is a very unique place feel like at a resort!!

Sunbathing ka bro???

Nice right the place?? Good idea and should make one like that in Brunei!

Or you can choose to dine out side here! 

Or eat here...

Hungry??? Bah don't wait liao lets start you engine and eat!!!

The fasters puzzle game winner!!

She won the most like at #AlmeraEco200DriveChallenge Likes in IG!

After the lunch we visit the souvenir shop!!

Most of us buy ice cream more than the any gifts!!! 

Alright... now lets go. Nasib I go bring my GPS also 

Toilet stop at a small market just outside the Sri Aman. I'm happy because I had......


Oh yummy yummy!!! This Durian complete my trip.
Now Bintulu and Sarikei are Durian season. 

We back to RH Hotel Sibu again!! I can see people face is a bit tired already!!

During the dinner I didn't follow them, Me go jalan jalan see where got other food to eat. Then I pass by this stall selling ayam bakar.. fyi nice yummy!!