Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 1)

One day a guy call me from Boustead Sdn Bhd asking me "Are you free on the 4/12/14?" My answer is "Yes I do" then he say Ok... I booking you on that day!! sound like someone "Propose" me and I not even think about it and say OK to him!
I really don't even know what is the all about then after that he told me we are going to Kuching by using car!!! At that time I was too late to say No.... I feel like fall down from the Cliff and ah....... all the way down!
Sit in the car and travel for more than 950km from Brunei to Kuching back and forth which mean more that 2000k already!! Jialat lah... my butt gonna open flower liao!!
But this is the trip I never go for... I never visit Bintulu and Sibu and don't know how the route looks like so I decide to go although it was a long journey lah.
Lucky the car I follow is a Nissan Presage nice and comfy but if is a Nissan Elgrand oh Mamamiya that will be a Perfect Trip lah!

This #AlmeraEco2000DriveChallenge is actually a less fuel consumption competition see who is the one who spend the lower fuel from Brunei to Kuching and back to Brunei. The journey is around 2000km, There are 10 cars participants all using their own car including the crews total is 14 cars. The winner will win $2000.00 cash, the 5D4N trip all makan, hotel and fuel all pay by Boustead... soik right that's right just announce in half day saja 10 seat all taken!!
One car for 3 person only. Me follow the Technical car. We flag off at the Boustead showroom after everyone had their breakfast.
8;30am we start jalan but reach Sibu also the sky dark already so you can imagine how many hours we took to convoy to reach there right!!!
Bah now let me show you some picture during the 5D4N trip lah... If you want to see all my photo you can click HERE to see in my FB

Group photo before the flag off!!!

Everyone ready?? Ok lets go!!

We reached to Seria.... suddenly I have an idea I told the driver over take them because I want to......

Heheheh... this is what I want!! We went to tapao Seria Kolomee and LausuFen and eat in the car!
Oh nyaman lah!!!

The first Fuel top up at Sungai Teraban!!
All participants car after full refuel the fuel tank cover are sealed with this sticker so they cannot curi curi go sendiri for refuel!

After one and a half hour we reached to Sungai Tujuh immigration post! Everyone try to save the fuel that is why slow arrive here! 

After we reached at Miri this is the place for our first toilet/cigi stop!!

Around 1pm we reached at the Bekenu for Lunch here!
This is my first time here and I notice this place looks like a very old town. Is a very small town the side  is about like 2 football field. The shop house is like 1950 type very old. The shop signage some can see very old already!!

An Panorama view of the town!!

This Bekenu town is around 200km away from Bandar! In the middle of the is has a garden for the people relax and rest!

The people here life I can feel that is very simple. For the past 50 years as like nothing much change! 

Wow... the signage very very old type! Me really long time no see this type use metal make shop signage. I wonder how much it can sell in the America Picker tv show!

Suddenly I realize this shop got selling gun bullet...

Oi.... This cowboy want to buy too bad shop no open hehehe I think already closed long long time ago kali!

I really surprise when I read the signage!! Is a fire station

This is where we had our lunch!!!

I think the owner very happy to see us here. Long time no see got so many people eat and make the restaurant full house like that liao!

After the lunch we continue our journey but the sky started to rain and is a heavy rain!

We almost reach to the Sibu but before that we stopped at this Chinese temple to wait for the rest of the cars coz they are about 20km behind us! 

We reached to Sibu town. This is the second time refuel. From Sungai Teraban to Sibu just one time refuel only and it run almost 450km.

This is the hotel we stay for one night. Not bad oh this RH Hotel... very nice, clean and big.

After we all check in to the room then walk to this Islamic Nyonya cafe to have our dinner!!

It just about 100m away from our hotel and is an Halal restaurant next time if you come sibu and try the foods here.. not bad!!!

Everyone very hungry now and can't wait for the foods arrive. 

Eat ah.... yummy yummy!!

Night View of the Sibu taken from my room window!!
Tonight I sleep very early coz the Long 450km sit in the car I start feel tired liao