Microsoft Launches Anti-Piracy Campaign in Brunei

Microsoft Brunei today announced that the company has launched an anti-piracy campaign in Brunei, aimed at curbing illegal distribution of Microsoft® Office software, and Microsoft Windows®. . The initiative was kicked off at an event at the Radisson Hotel with an awareness session for local resellers and retailers on the risks of malware and cybersecurity due to pirated software.

This initiative is part of the continuous effort to educate both retailers and consumers about the risks associated with pirated software as well as the use of aging technology. In the 2013 Global Software Survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), released in May 2014, the piracy rate in Brunei recorded at 66%. We recognize there has been 1 point drop since the last survey, and congratulate the various agencies who have taken initiatives to increase public awareness. However, the piracy rate in Brunei is still very high, affecting future ICT businesses, new innovations and the economy at large in Brunei.

The primary goal of this anti-piracy campaign is to curtail illegal hard disk loading of software and illegal Microsoft Office suites in Brunei’s retailers through education and one-on-one meetings with vendors. “This form of piracy competes directly with legitimate software retailers” said Dyg Haniza Zakariya, Country Manager at Microsoft Brunei. 

“Our goal is to level the playing field by reducing piracy and supporting the efforts of honest retailers who distribute genuine Microsoft products” she added. Microsoft is also calling the Brunei government to design more punitive copyright laws to support the future knowledge economy, in line with the country’s aspiration for more local IP creation. She further elaborated “Software piracy is unfair play that ultimately hurts us all. Economic growth in Brunei is thwarted by piracy – pirated software doesn’t create jobs for students, developers, or Information Technology professionals.

Microsoft’s investigation of computer resellers suspected of software piracy in Brunei was based on leads obtained from a variety of sources, including a local survey through a ‘mystery shopper’ conducted in September 2014. From the survey of 27 local ICT retail companies including their branches, about 81% of the companies are still offering elements of piracy, either immediately or when prompted, made an offer to sell and install pirated software. During the event, Microsoft take the opportunity to reward two local retailers who have demonstrated best genuine behaviour and practice by displaying, promoting and selling both Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office at their retail shops. The two retailers appointed as 2014/2015 Genuine Microsoft Resellers are Concepts Commercial Suppliers (Well-known as CONCEPTS COMPUTER) and Elite Computer Systems Sdn Bhd.

In the same vein, Microsoft APAC Corporate Attorney, Mr Jonathan Selvasegaram who co-presented on cyber security during the launch said “More critical, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation warns for the threat of malware-induced cyber-attacks. Criminal syndicates that are often behind the sale of pirated software, use infected computers to launch attacks against entire networks. These spread through shared connections to a home, business, or even government networks – crippling economies and endangering intellectual property.
The next wave of this anti-piracy campaign will be through real purchases of several units of computers and software from those retailers that failed the initial checks and will be followed by police reports if evidence is found of pirated software being sold openly.

“For more information on security and piracy related, please contact Microsoft Brunei at