I Also Want.....

If I love to play basketball for sure I also go join the media them play..hehehe but too bad I'm not a ball lover lah.. any kind of ball game I also not interested to play one... See see look look I can lah so I'm going to watch their friendly match some day!
Two day ago I was invited to join the local media basketball team and the Concept computer basketball kaki lunch at the Radisson and also a token of appreciation is specially made basketball jersey with APC and Concepts Computer logo for the media team. In attendance during the giving of token of appreciation was Mr. Chia Yuan Yeong, Channel Manager from MCL Berhad who are the major distributor of APC products in our region, and Vincent Pao, General Manager from Concepts Computer, a major retailer of APC products in Brunei.
Good luck guys.... the match start already remember to call me oh!!

Mr. Chia Yuan Yeong, Channel Manager from MCL Berhad handover the jersey for the local media team!!

 Mr. Chia Yuan Yeong interview by the local Chinese newspaper!

We are the Slam Dunk don't play play...hehehe