"CoinCard" The Future Coins Saving

Is time to count the coins in my piggy bank that I every time buy things at the Kedau Runcit the small chance I put it! All this money is gonna goes to my to little girl bank saving! Not must lah.. just nice got B$200.00 each can have $100.00.
If this is last time I don't have kids I happy loh can go shopping heheheh but now cannot lah got kids already have to start saving some money from them.
 I love to count coin since I was a kid. I like the coins sound... coz the coin sound is the only "Sound of Money" we can heard. Even the thousand dollar note drop on the floor also don't have the sound as nice as a ten cents have!
When every time I take the coins to change I feel kinda malu one... Coz I'll imagine that the shop owner will think I'll broke already no money to spend and now need to change the coin to use! hehehe I think I think too much liao lah.

Now is think about the coins here if there is about 300.000 of house each house have $50.00 keep in the house no use or flow which mean that there is about $15.000.000 of coin not using!
Everyday the markets need the coin to run the business so can you imagine that the market need so much coin but yet many of coin are stuck at our house then the government need to make the coin every year again!! If there is a way can solve that problem I think we can have a lot of time and money to make new coin out!!!
I do have an idea to solve this question one of that idea is call CoinCard!!
Basically it just like a card for the customer to use for get the change of the coin and transfer into their CoinCard account! Example every time you buy a newpaper and a cup coffee it cost you $2.20 then you pay $3.00 and you get you change for 80 cents then the 80 cent will buy in your car or drawer, slowly day by day the money will become like what I have now. If every time the 80 cent I can use a card let the shop and scan then deposit in that CoinCard account isn't it that it make us more convenient? We don't have to bring so many and heavy coin in our pockets or wallet! Some more the coin will never lost or drop in the drain! Government each year not need to make new coins isn't it is a "One Stone Two Bird"
hehehe good right my idea!! Who want to buy my idea lol I sell cheap cheap to you lah!!
If this is really work already we not need to susah susah count the coin and look for a shop to change money... If not go to the bank and the bank have to charge us for the coin lagi right!!!

Like that ngam-ngam $200.00 for my kids!!