Believe Or Not Believed That Is The Question

Few days ago I asked people in my facebook page do they believe this Salebration? Surprisingly more than 95% of people don't believe it. I read all the comments most of them said the price are been mark up during the salebration so even the item as discount but still buying the usual price and that is why most of the people prefer go to the neighbor country to do their shopping.
I don't know is it ngam-ngam the timing or what... last week the people go to Miri and Limbang... wow jialat lah the Jam. News paper report that the jam goes to 16km from the immigration post there.
As you can imagine that how many people go out for shopping.
    Honestly.... I cannot do that lah jam for so long just for shopping I don't I can do it if I saw the queue about 1000 meter at Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh for sure I turning back already. That is why I salute the people who line up on the queue.

Now let's looking back about this Salebration back in few years back is call BRUNEI Grand Sale a.k.a BGS then one of the advertising company suggest change the name to Salebration. I'm looking back the history of this event most of it also not a very good response.. of coz there is many reason why not good response but the main reason I think is because of the RM exchange rates lah that is why people love to go there. Especially this month the exchange rate is 2.6 of coz everyone love to go Malaysia for shopping lah. One of my friend told me if you use SGD go change RM you can get 2.67 at the money changer!!!
So that is already the best attraction reason to shopping out there... Not need 50% discount already have  70% for everything people buy there compare what the selabration discount!!!
The more RM doing down the more people going to spend the money there so you just imagine that if the Rm drop to 3.0 omg....whole Miri is Brunei car there!
Too bad the Kuching are too far away from us if not the Kuching people also can share a little few pieces of the pie.