B And C Are More Delicious Than A

If you think about it No wrong and my theory are right!
Look think in this way.... When a restaurant their business very good, many people come eat where got time to clean the place as clean as like new!! No dust, no oily, no smelly, no spider web, no ants very very perfect then you get the "A Class" of cleanness.... to get this I see most of the restaurant are equip with aircon and their standard for sure very high one. 
I notice all my favorite restaurant or kopitiam they mostly get B or C never see got A one!!!
Then I realize is real... All the Class B and A their foods are delicious the Class A one... If you don't believe try next time you go compare their foods you'll surprise the result one!!

Hehehe if all the restaurant boss see this post I wonder they all will go apply from A to B or not Lol...