5 Days No Internet For Me

After this incident I realize if I don't have internet in my house I fell that my clock and watches goes very slow! The whole day like nothing to do and lost contact with the people in all my social network friend. Ngam Ngam my mobile phone data also finish people whatsapp me also I no reply!
Ok ok... now I learn my lesson, every time got bad weather I must switch off the router if not I have to pay another B$100.00 for a new one!

Last Friday night it was really bad with the weather... the sky like Hollywood movie. the lightning and thunder very power lah.. and it hit at my kampong area. I wasn't at home at that moment. I notice that the internet down it was 9pm. Then I saw the router no power baur my dad told me just now the lightning straight now so far away.
First thing in my head is "Jialat lah....." die liao lah this time no internet! Harap the Telbru come and fix it is like have to wait for another Blue Moon!!!
Why I think like that??? Coz everyone say like that so I also think like that lah.
But after I  make a call 111 then I know I was wrong. Their response and feedback very fast oh! Friday night I call and they give me a reference number (which they take noted) Saturday morning a specialist/technician give me a call. Then today Tuesday they already come a replace a new white router for me... of coz have to pay lah and it cost me B$100.00. So now I know liao... next time I must switch is off if heavy rain!

For some people maybe that they not so lucky can have that fast come to fix your. I know don't know why they come to my house that fast one. I know tot that it will take me for 2 weeks or more but surprisingly they come fast. 
I didn't have any special contact or connection with them... I think maybe is because I talk nicely to them loh, when you talk nice to people.. people also talk nice back to you! The call center staff I notice they very polite and nice feedback. Not as what people say them so bad or rude what post in their Facebook status.
If your problem haven't solve maybe you try to call them again and give them your reference numbers and talk nice to them too maybe it this will help!!! 

 Aiya.... forgot to see what is the car number... hehehe

Ok.... My question is "Who is the Lead Singer in the High Speed Broadband?"
Can you answer that?? 
Where can I buy the Band first album???