Where Can Find A Video Player?

If you still having this video player I really want to ask where you still can rent the video tape here. Don't say the video tape lah.. even the Laser Disc also no way you can see people are using now!!
This is my daughter Bahasa Melayu paper from school. It has to connect the word and the picture so when I read it just realize one is Video. Wow.... I also really long time haven't see this thing for many years already....hehehe if the question is Laser Disc I think more worst. Then again I ask my daughter have to ever see one of this Video Player? And she said Yes... in the paper lah!! Lol...

About this Video Player back in the 80's it is a hot stuff... if you don't have one at home you are outdate!!! I remember back in the time we rent the tape at Seri batu satu the Golden Lady. That time still got package one... $30- $50 or $100 for one month. My mother she always rent the Hong Kong tv series to watch...and me of cos is cartoon lah. 
Think about it Video Player really last quite long... Longer than LD. Really have a nice memories with this gadget! Back in the early 80's when this player arrive in my living room is was a size like a 3 in 1 printer then slowly at late 90's baru become this small!!
Back in the oldies as a kid must know how to use it...not just know who to play it but also must know how to Rec it too. If you ask a kid now what is REC for sure they don't know one!! Rec is record lah..... Some time we also need to set the timer and let it Auto record out favorite tv show. Me always recording the Macgyver from RTB!! 
If you have all this you are Awesome!!!