Unbox Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition

Acer, with the support of Concepts Computer, is introducing the new Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition notebook for users seeking an immersive sensory experience and powerful computing. The notebook is built with cutting-edge graphics and speedy processing power, allowing them to tackle even the most demanding multimedia for realistic entertainment. The Aspire V 15 Nitro notebook also sport a stylish and sophisticated design characterized by sharp angles, slim profiles and intricately patterned covers made with soft touch NIL technology.

Built for full immersion, the Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition notebook offers the power and features to tackle demanding multimedia apps including photo and video editing software, and graphic-intensive entertainment applications with rich visuals and booming audio, as expected when playing the latest and greatest graphic-intensive video games.

Knockout Looks.
The Aspire V Nitro's sleek lines, sharp angles, slim profile, and dramatic blend of premium materials make it a beauty-contest winner. Acer's industry-leading panel imprint technology (called "soft-touch NIL") turns the top cover into a feast of visual and tactile texture. Inside, the red glow of the backlit keyboard adds to the drama.

The Power Within.
The sleek exterior hides a brutally powerful reality. Under the hood, the Nitro is a pure supercar. Cutting-edge Intel processors combine with fast nad stable solid-state drives, 1 TB HDDs, and Nvidia graphics cards to ensure powerful performance and astounding gaming experiences. Dual wireless antennas will also double the data flow, for very high connection speeds.

Designed to Thrill.
Four built-in speakers and Dolby® Digital Plus Home Theater™ surround sound puts you inside the movie. The high-end screen has IPS1, 2 tech built in, so you can see all the full-color action, even from wide viewing angles.

High-Octane Performance.
Top-of-the-line Intel® standard-voltage processors deliver powerful performance. Newest-generation Nvidia® GeForce GTX 860M graphics enrich visuals and boost gaming performance for full-throttle entertainment. Acer DustDefender prevents dust build-up and Acer CoolBoost technology puts a pop-up user interface on your screen, from where you can easily control airflow and improve system cooling. Performance under your control.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media, said, “Concepts Computer is proud to introduce to the Bruneian market, the ACER Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition, built for the future and combines power and vibrancy in a package that puts you in control of powerful computing performance on-the-go.” He continued, “Concepts Computer will always step-up to provide the perfect solutions from Acer, making sure that it is affordable and well-built, and we believe the ACER Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition is an excellent addition to our portfolio of ACER computing devices.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive at Concepts Computer, also added, “With gaming on-the-go being the new catchphrase, the computing power and graphic capability of the ACER Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition notebook will be more than adequate for gaming needs of many consumers.”

The ACER Aspire V 15 Black Edition will have a powerful Intel i7 processor, 12GB of RAM, 8GB SSD with a 1TB HDD storage, and  the Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphic card. It is available at Concepts Computer for $1,478. For more information call 2233551, 2233552 or 2233553.