The New X-Trial Official Launched At Boustead Sdn Bhd

Muscular, modern and packed with technology, the new Nissan X-Trail has made its appearance  at Boustead Nissan Beribi showroom . Building on Nissan's respected 4x4 heritage but adding world-leading crossover know-how, the new X-Trail re-defines the compact SUV segment.
 Sculptured muscular lines create a distinctive silhouette framed by elegant curves and high wheel arches. Its features include a number of Nissan signature cues such as the 'boomerang' rear lights, structured headlights with LED daytime running lamps and the characteristic D-pillar shape. LED headlights, for both high and low beams, are standard on high grade models while 18-inch alloy wheels also give new X-Trail an imposing look.

Inside, premium features include chrome, geometric metallic and piano black finishes making the new interior look modern and refined. The use of high quality and soft touch materials, elements like double stitching on the door panel, seats and center armrest combined with a very classy design puts the new Nissan X-Trail in a league of its own. 

The spacious interior has theatre-style seating making every row higher than the row in front to increase the visibility of all passengers. The option of two extra seats to make room for seven inside is unique for the category.

Practical touches include rear side doors that open to almost 80 degrees, far wider than normal, to allow both easy access and ease the loading and unloading of a child's safety seat. Middle row seat comfort has been improved thanks to extra knee room generated by the longer wheelbase and the new front seats having more heavily sculpted seat backs.The middle row seats recline and slide while, where fitted, the third row folds forward to increase luggage space.In addition, access to the luggage area has also been made as easy as possible with remote operation of the power tailgate.The result is a dynamic mix of progressive exterior styling with a spacious, functional and high quality interior.

In keeping with the class leading standards set by the previous generation model, the new X-Trail adopts Nissan's advanced electronic four-wheel drive system, All Mode 4x4i. Controlled via a rotary switch on the center console, it offers a choice between two-wheel drive, Auto mode or Lock offering permanent four-wheel drive.

In the 'default' Auto mode, the system constantly monitors throttle opening, engine speed and torque to anticipate wheel spin and to distribute torque between front and rear axles as needed, at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Above that speed, the system reacts to wheelspin, again shifting drive rearwards to restore traction as required. For tricky conditions and at low speeds, 'Lock' gives new X-Trail permanent four-wheel drive, while drivers also have the option of a two-wheel drive only version. Ready to exceed the expectations of compact SUV drivers, four electronic systems have been designed to make life with X-Trail more comfortable and even safer.

The two world firsts are Active Ride Control and Active Engine Brake. Active Ride Control monitors the road surface to detect undulations. Active Engine Brake, meanwhile, harnesses the power and controllability of the Xtronic transmission to add a degree of engine braking while cornering or when decelerating to a standstill. The benefits are greater braking control and enhanced feel with less pedal effort.

The third system, pioneered in the premium segment, is Active Trace Control. By using onboard sensors to monitor speed, steering angle, throttle opening and braking effort; Active Trace Control brakes wheels individually, as required, to reduce understeer and help the driver steer a safer path through bends: it is particularly effective on slippery, wet roads.Finally new X-Trail benefits from Uphill Start Support and Advance Hill Descent Control.

During the launch Boustead Sdn Bhd also giving a surprise for the guest also launching the new Nissan GTR.

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