Sliced Baked Potato with Cheese And Ham

Every time see people share this makan post in their FB looks like yummy and easy to do. So yesterday I cannot tahan and go try myself. Eh the result I think is not so bad lah... of coz is not as good looking as what the people post in the FB one lah.
I just simply do saja.. not really go think how it was suppose to cook. First I just boil the potatoes then sliced them and make sure don't slice too much lah... just about 3/4 like that ok enough.
Recommend boil a bit longer with the XL size potato!
If you want to make the potato to look nicer after baked you can put a pit of Minyak Sapi on the patato skin. Then you put in luncheon meat or ham or bacon is up to you lah and then sprinkle a bit of salt then baru you put the cheese on top. I use mozzarella cheese!!!
Next step.... pre heat the oven first before you baked your potatoes!! 
Since my potatoes already cooked so I don't bake it long... just want to make the cheese melt and a little  burn!!! I set for 200 degree C and bake it for 20 minutes! But if you like your cheese to look more darker try to bake it longer lah!!
After my potatoes cooked suddenly I have fusion idea which is mix japanese style. I put some japanese mayonnaise and seaweed on top of it... result Not Bad!!!!
Is really easy to cook not need to school high high also can make one at home. Now is school holiday try it with your kids at home and have fun with them also not bad!! Hope you all try it and love it too!

I love to watch the cheese melt when every time I bake things with cheese!!

This is how it looks like before I bake it!!

Now here is how it look when all done!!