First Time Eat Empurau

What is Empurau?? 
Once try one time you will never forget in your whole life that's is why in Chinese name is call 忘不了 Wang Bu Liao a.k.a Never Forget!!!!
Why you will never forget?
I think there is 2 reason why you'll never forget lah... one is the meat it has a special taste which is fish only love to eat from a nut also the belly meat very oily. Another reason never forget is the prices!!!
This Empurau fish cost minimum $RM800.00 per kg!!! So for sure your first Empurau will cost you more than a thousand dollars for a fish!!! How can you forget about this fish that cost you so much money.....
I did mention before in my blog I'm not a fish lover.... for me every fish is all same to me!!! But honestly this Empurau the taste are really different from other fish. Empurau is a fresh water fish but it has a sea water fish's meat texture. Totally not stink at all and is very oily.
This fish only have in Borneo has its habitat in clean/clear fast moving streams and eat  ‘Buah Kabang’ or Engkabang and that's it why is has a unique aroma with their meat!! Fisherman have to use sampan to go very deep into the river and fish it. Once they caught it strength away have to come out and sell it coz they don't have ice too keep it fresh must hurry come back and sell. 
The Empurau we had last weekend is one of our friend he got connection from Sarawak once got it in the first place chill and airflow to Miri and bring in back!!!
Glad to have a change to try it once.... if next time can try on more time lagi best lah

The Empurau eaten by the Human Phirana less than 5 minutes left bones... lol