Anggrek Desa Swimming Pool

Last week my eldest daughter told her mum that she want to learn swimming and my wife said she don't know how to swim.. you have to ask your daddy!!
Oh... now I have a question if my wife and my daughter both fall in the water so who I have to rescue first??? Jialat lah this type of question how to answer oh.... lucky my wife didn't come out this question and ask me!
So before this thing happen I think I have to teach either one know how to swim first. Before teach my kids to learn how to swim first have to look for a swimming pool lah of coz.
So I went to pool that I really really really long long time no go already which is the Anggrek Desa Swimming Pool... If I not wrong I guess I got almost 25 years already didn't come here. When I was a young boy my mum every week sure 1 to 2 times bring me here. And some time like school or puasa holiday me and my kampong gang can play here from morning until evening.

So I bring my kids come here and check it out see how is the condition. I think I like the place now better than before. The entry fees still the same, Children 50 cents Adult $1.00. Only not the same is the restaurant the yummy fried chicken, nasi lemak, burger, ice-cream don't have anymore!!!
If used to be the best in town way before we have KFC, Mcd or Jollibee.
And now there also have special day for female which is Tuesday start from 2pm-6pm and again 7pm-9pm!!
I guess is time for me to find back my Speedo in the closet..hehehhe don't know still can fit or not hahaha!!! I guess for safety reason I better buy another one if not later like Mr.Bean in the pool hahaha

Remember this??? It used to be have a garden and hut there... 

I think this is the cheapest swimming pool fees in Asia!!!

Most of the kids for sure ever pee pee in this pool before!!! Lol I also did last time hahaha

I really miss the Fried Chicken and their Nasi Lemak!!! Don't know where is the old owner now... If can buy his recipe fir sure I want to buy and reborn it!!!

Ah.... now I tall already can see the pool from here and even can see through outside the wall also!!!

This is their Time Table of the pool operating hours!!