Oh..... Today I looking back my old post I just realize my blog already got 8 years from the day one I start to blogging! Im sure many of you don't know what is my first post right. Click HERE at read lah!
yeah... it sounds stupid anyway "How Many Is Consider Many"
Hehehe what to do... no school high high is like that one lah the Brain always think of nonsense and Kacang Putih stuff! 
Honestly I never think of I'll write blog until today one.. the first day my first post it was on 27th September 2007 during that time I still a "No Body" in the Social Media!! If I'm not wrong at that time we have around few hundreds of blogger but now I think less than 20 as far I have still visiting their blog!
There is few reason why the blogger getting less and less there. Some of them has out of idea and tropic what to write, Some are no time, busy or boring already!
Not only them like that... Me some time also like them too. Like right now I also less blogging due to my time. Before my daughter start go to school I still can blog, go here go there.... some time people ask me "wah.. you look like not need to work one ho... can every day go there go there, eat here eat there so envy you life" hehehe that is before lah now no more already, I'm a full time daddy/husband/Son driver!! In a day I have about 5/6 hours are in the car drive here drive there! 

At the moment I don't think I'll quit this unique job yet. I'll still blog.... until the day I cannot blog!!!
Blogging is good... is Fun!! It also one of my diary too. Now some time is fun to look back what I have done at the pass.
8 years ago when I typing I only can use 2 fingers to type and it take me an hour to finish my post! Now I'm can using finger to type... and not need to look at the keyboard too! Practice makes Perfect! 

Honestly nowadays I already can feel less and less people like to read blog already coz everyone now have IG, FB and Twitter!! Everyone can be a social media now, it so easy and fast just need to click like and share. Especially in the whatapps the news can faster than bullet. The worse things is not need to clarified the news is real or not just....... share. Hamtam saja lah!!!
This remind me one of the chinese guy that people share like no body business said he is the rapist of the Tutong town case!!! Do you see that? That's is our social network at this day!!
People don't give a Sxxt is it real or not just spread... and spread and spread! 
It's really sad to see this day our social media become like that now! 

Me as a Social Media kaki I also cannot do anything! I also get attack by some other reader/hater!!
When I say A it just don't know why people can read the story into B.
I been Boycott, Personal Attack, unknown phone call/text warning!!! But this doesn't stop me at all.
Doing this line I already get ready this day will come..... as what the old people say, Eat the Salt make sure you can stand the thirsty.

So 8 years already what have I learn?  Eh I think I have improve my English. My spelling now are better than my wife...hehehe! Although my English had improved but still I like my title the Broken~English Blogger!!! I learned more serious about my life. Learned more Loving what I have now especially my family. Learned not as childish like before.
As my blog here in future I think I'll go for more Quality than Quantities. Not as before mostly take about bullshit or nonsense lah! I guess maybe that is because I become a father so I turn like that now!!
So hope you all like the new of me and keep supporting my blog so I have reason keep on blogging lah!