Sungha Jung Is Coming To Town

Wow.... if you don't know what is going on why people queue up where for sure you tot is the iphone 6 start for sale one!!! 
Hehehe no lah is not iPhone 6 is the Sungha Jung Live In Brunei ticket people want to buy lah!!
I heard the VIP ticket in 1 hour sold 200 seat! wow don't play play Sungha Jung really power lah got so many fans here! 
For some uncle auntie maybe you all don't know who is this guy Korea guy lah. He is a very famous acoustic fingerstyle guitarist if you are a youtube kaki you'll know why he is so famous lah! He got over 2.9 millions subscriber in his youtube.

This is his first video about 8 years ago when he still a little boy but already play like at pro!!!
To subscribe his channel click HERE
Now we got chance to see him not need using your smart phone!!!
Sungha Jung live in Brunei on the 13th December 2014, Pusat Insani @ 8pm - 10.30pm.  Entrance opens at 6pm to all VIP buyers for their meet and greet.

Our VIP tickets are sold out, we have less than 70 Silver tickets left and we have quite a number of bronze seatings left.

As of 13th October 2014, tickets sales will be open from 9am - 9pm at Megastrike Bowl, Airport Mall.  Ticket prices are listed below.

Silver = BN$ 58.00
Bronze = BN$ 28.00

Those who would like to purchase through email, email the following to
1. Your full name
2. Your IC or Passport Number
3. Which tickets you are buying as well as the quantity of it.
4. Where are you from? (E.g: BSB, KB, TTG, MSIA, SG)

We will then reply you the procedures to follow up with next.

For more live updates, you can follow us on
Instagram: @MagicLeeEntertainment

For KB side, tickets can be bought from Chua Enterprise but preferably to go through our email first to ensure your seats are confirmed before proceeding with payments.