Sante FX Neo

Japan is a place you can find macam-macam things there the latest, funny, cute or even the thing you never think of and see!!!
If you went there come home simply pick one item in the convenient store also can be as a gift for your friends and family! 
My sister just came back from Japan vacation and she bought me this!!
Can you guess what is that? By looking the packaging can you tell me what is this? Is not perfume, is not a stationary, not car air freshener!!! Unless you are studying medical or you can read japanese then you'll know what is that lah!!
FYI this is just an eye drop!!!
Surprise right.... if your eyes tired, long hour looking at computer, driving feel asleep this is a good stuff lah. It straight away give you a refreshing moment and feel your eyes see thing very clear.
At first I don't believe then I try it a very shocking moment happen.
OMG this eye drop is like a Axe Oil once touch my eyes!! my tear come out like I'm crying.
But after few second the magic moment come... wow I feel my eyes very cold, fresh and macam got mints!!! Is really amazing and my red eyes gone too!!!
My eyes don't feel tiring like taking a cold shower in the morning!!
It's consider kind of medicine only can use once a day!!!
Hey if you have friends went Japan ask them you buy one of this for you to try... Siok tu!!
You'll feel like your eyes eat the menthols... hehehe
Note: Do not use if you are wearing contact lens!