It was a wonderful week but also very tiring go here go there until I also forget my lunch. Anyway I really feel great after help a family solve their food problem.
I really never expected so many people come and help me too to give their donation. I don't think can take all the credit I just share the story of the lady Anna she need help and post in my fb.  I can't make she family happy with out your all help.

The story it goes like that one... a lady name anna she text me asking where she can look for  the department or some NGO charity group. She was in no so good financial condition now so seeking for their help. So how her husband just finish operation came home from hospital. I do know there are some department do that but I was thinking why have to wait for them to come. Until the money arrive don't know how many days she family have to suffering some more so I post in my fb ask everyone donate a little food take from their kitchen. Ended up their go to buy foods from the supermarket... In 2 days of collect the food my car is full loaded almost cannot see the back of the car... 
Just the white rice got 10 bags already so you can imagine how many kilo food in my car. I think now the foods can last them at least 2 to 3 months lah. 
Not just I collect food but also a little bit of cash for them temperately can buy some vege and electric recharge card lah!!
Of coz donation is not a long term plan lah... the most important things is her husband recover fast fast and find more money to support his family.
Hope the next time I see Anna's family their all can have a better life from now lah!!
Once again... Anna would like to thanks all for the help!!! You all are awesome.