Improving Park Security!

One month already still no news about the two suspects. We not only wanted to find the killer but also this incident will never happen again here! Not just at the Bukit Shabandar but also the other recreation park too! 
I understand that the government had spend a lot of money to improvement the park, for kids play ground, more car parking, resting, toilet etc but still one thing is not enough which is the security!
Every year there always got people missing or lost in the jungle especially for those new visitor of the park. They never expected the park is such a tough park or them.. some time they lost and also confuse the short cut, the 9 hills or 13 hills. By the time they realize already too late... no bring phone no bring water that is the tragedy moment happen lah!!
Some more got those very stubborn one 5:45pm already still want to go in... I understand some of them very fit and finish it in less than one hour but accident thing you never when it come! 
Especially now is October the day hour is shorter than night. The night fall very quickly one. When you are on the top of the hill you still can see the sunset but once you down hill walking in the jungle is goes dark very fast. Some people because of that they cannot walk out from the park and have to wait for the rescue team to search for them.

Honestly a lot of things we can prevent happen at the park there! It just the matter want to do or not!
At the starting point of the trail we can set a Checkpoint Post there like Mt. Kinabalu there have one for all the visitors to record they in and out! I think this is a very important thing we should have at any of the recreation park here!
Just in case a person is lost or hurt the park management can very fast identified the person and contact their family!!
Don't until 9pm already just notice there is a car still parking at the parking lot haven't go home! Like that already too late sudah lo!!

I don't see is a very hard to make a Hut as a checkpoint post and should make one immediately before again anyone person lost in there! 
Since the park open until now I already lost count and heard how many people stuck in there and need rescue team go in to look for them! Almost one year got one people like that..... jialat right!!!
I really hope one day I got there again I can it people need to sign in and sigh out!!!