I Also Cannot Play With Dog Too!!

This week hot tropic is all about touching dog. If you go Tweeter check the hot tropic in South-East Asia region you'll see Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei all tweet/retweet about touching dog!!
Ok lah I also don't want to lose too today also come and share about my touching dog story lah!!
Me used to love dogs too but don't know why recently this 2 years I suddenly allergy to them, especially for those dog which long fur. Last time I totally don't have this problem.. I can touch, grooming and take shower for them but now once they near me for few feet about few minutes I'll started sneezing many many time.... then my face start feel itchy then the worst part is coming... my eye for sure start itchy, red, swollen and hot!!! last last my face like got many small misquoter bite there!!!
I have to use a wet cold towel to cover my face then I feel much better. 
At first I don't know is allergy coz I have never like that before I tot maybe is the place dusty and cause my eye like that then I have few more time same same like that every time is playing with my niece's dog then I baru realize I am allergy now!!!
Now I even go my friend's house if got cat I also keep a distance to avoid kana again!! 
Not sure got medicine to eat or not lah so far I only know to use ice water to stop it, if you know got ubat for that please share info with me.. Thanks! 

A close shot picture about my face and eye once it has allergy!!!