Extra Charge For Take Away Food!!!

If I no go tapao that day I also don't know now the take away already got extra charge us now. Some place is 20 cents some is 25 cents but I also hear some even charge for 50 cents depends what type of the containers!! 
Due to the new rules all restaurant are not allow to use the styrofoam so many restaurant has no choice to use the plastic container. I like the idea no Styrofoam but didn't realize at the end of the day we customer have to pay for the extra money for take away the foods!! Eh... now think about it next time better just sit at the restaurant and eat are better lo... enjoy the service, aircon, tv this is all for free and worth more than 20 cents!! 
Now I remember last time when started no Plastic Day we also like that... customer always the one who need to pay the extra money for the convenient.
Hehehe I think next time we will back into the old skool using the metal 3 layer rice container go tapao again!
This is what we call cycle of life lah... Last time use bicycle then use car and again now go back use bicycle.

Cost more and rice less.... At the end we customer is the victims!!!

This cost me 25cents... better wash is and reuse if not waste my money!!