Yakult Is Not Only For Kids

First of all I want to clarified this is 100% not a pay ads. I really just want to share what I have a relationship with this product!
I had drink this Yakult coming 40 years already until now I still love to choose the grape flavor one! I don't think I'm the only one and I'm sure more of the adult and kids also love to have the purple one first and that's is the reason why I said Yakult is not only for kids... even the adult (me) some time also have to fight with the kids at home to get the purple color one!
There is 5 different flavor in a package but do you notice that the purple one always is in the middle??
Why can't they put the purple one at the end??
You know what!!! I think Yakult purposely do that one ba... They want us to drink the other flavor too so you must take the other 2 first then you can have the purple one!!
Yakult do have selling 5 bottle all same color in one pack too but very very rare lo... Is really once in the blue moon. that's why when I saw that I feel like hit a jackpot.. die die must look for all pack with purple one!
Last time still can see selling 5 bottle same color at Supa Save there but now really no more see again!!
If you some please share info with me ok!!!