I'm Happy,I'm Sick, I'm Sad, I'm Depress

This 2 weeks two weeks my life felt like sitting on a roller coaster! Too many things happen and almost making me from happy to crazy.
making me don't know how to start where to blog about it!
I'm just turn 40 last week... hehehe yeah it sounds like I'm official am old man now!! Hey thanks to all your greeting from Brunei and around the world!
Maybe now is time for me to start working out again lah. I know now my age is not as easy and fast as like time when I was 20 plus lah but I'll try to make my belly smaller a bit here!~

Hulkjero some thing wrong with the gearbox when to check it say need a week to solve but now my regular workshop no time to do and now resting at home. That day just fix the clutch pump and power steering pump and now come another one. feel like there is more coming on and my wallet going to gave a big bleeding soon 

Next thing is my two daughter sick vomit and diarrhea and this virus is flying around in town. Many friends their children also have the same too. 3 night already because of this I haven't got a good sleep.
At first it happen to my sister daughter then after few day one day morning my elder daughter wake up in the morning after she took she milk then started vomit and diarrhea. Then again my 18 years old niece stay at Kg.Mentiri she also caught that and went to hospital. Now is my second daughter turn, she had this last night!!! I think this is getting worst and worst.. many parents already not sending their children to school at the moment. sign.....

This is the only this make me chill up a little while lah which is the Apple launch their new iPhone 6. As usual me every time will share and update this will everyone but because of too much thing happen to me I also no time to do so.
Fyi I do like the Apple watch lah.. maybe I thinking to get one of that first before the iphone 6 lah but too bad have to wait for next year lo!

Worst thing in the week is one day early in the morning I was told one of my buddy his wife was kill at the recreation park. This is really make me depress for the whole day when I heard it.
I really don't know what to say about this issue lah.. just really feel disappointed that this case happening in my lovely country here! We used to very peaceful but now I have wife and kids I do thinking about to put some self defense weapon around my home and cars!!!

Ahhhh... really feel like what to shout out loud at the beach....
Please lah enough already lah.. I really need to rest my mind to start my normal life!