I'm 40

Yes.... Finally I'm 40 now!!
Now I'm officially is Uncle Lim...hehehe
My 40 birthday nothing do much thing to celebrate lah just went to Radisson Hotel having a nice dinner with my wife saja!!
But there is a little surprise which is I met one of my kampong old friend which is she having a same day same month same year birthday!! Some more we are same family name which is LIM!!
Oh... now think back I'm not the only one become an Uncle Lim here.. I have she to company me as Auntie Lim too hehehe
Ok so now I have to see what's happening me in the next 10 years. Let's see my blog here can go for another 10 years or not lah!
That's the good thing to write about blog... It can record down what I  had done for the pass. So I eat full full still can go back at read what's happening at the pass! Unless the google close down the lah!
Anyway thanks for the greeting in my facebook and IG... I really appreciate it!! Thanks  

We both still look the same from young... it just I got a little bit increase meat and fat from sideway saja hehehe