Ikea Duktig Birthday Gift For My Baby!!

Do you still remember I have share a kid kitchen kit I saw at Ikea that really really cute when my family trip at Perth? (see here) Is not so expensive only cost aud$139.00 but is a bit heavy lah 20kg so I did not buy there and bring it back.
But I do promise my daughter one day I'll buy one for her which I did it for her 5 years old Birthday present! 
I bought here at one of the furniture shop at Kg.Mata-Mata there! It cost me Bnd$240.00. Yup... it sounds like a bit expensive of what I saw at Perth but think about it is save my Over weight charge! 

This Ikea kids kitchen is not like those normal plastic kitchen toys selling at department store or Toy R Us type!!! It almost like a really kitchen kits already just don't have water and fire only!! The quality is really good like a normal furniture! 
It even have Microwave, Oven, Stove.... really like a real kitchen!  So the night before my daughter's birthday I had to wait for her to sleep so I can set this up so the next morning I want to give her a surprise! It look very easy to set up but still it took me 2 hours to finish it!
I also add a little things which is giving it a additional led light in the Oven and microwave so it looks more real. 
The next morning when my daughter wake up she was surprise to see it and very happy!! My reward is her hug and kiss!!

At first I tot our duktig is the more awesome one have led light some more.. surely no body have that. Sekali I went to see in google I felt malu lah... Omg some people at others places they make their kids Duktig lagi more awesome lah. So make the water pipe to gold color, Marble table, Colorful curtain, Plate holder, macam-macam ada style... My led light it just a peanut lah!
Hey... then I realize this is not a kids toy lah!! Is the parent toys that want to look awesome for their kids!!! Some of the mother even so Kiasu one place it at their real kitchen some more.
For more picture to see how other parents do click the link at the last picture there!

Ok now let's do my job!!!

This is the upper part of the Duktig!! You can buy separately one!!

This is another one!!! same same also can buy separately!

Then put them up together and this is how it look!! cool right...

I add the Led lights so not is this how it look!!!

Look how other people modified their duktig! nice right!
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