How To Make A Star With A Rubber Band

Oh... if that night my friend did not play the rubber band at our weekly Saturday Night Fever I think this game really forever gone in my memory.
This is a very old old game we use to play at home, school, tuition school or even in the car! 
Using a rubber band to making all kind of shape. The most common one is making a star or a cross!
My friend still remember how to make a double Star!!! Double start is the most difficult and complicated one. I still don't know how it hook, turn, pull...
Me just remember to make one is the star. Really long time no seeing people play this anymore!
Now I try to not let it disappear this game and I teach it to my little daughters.
Now lets go I show to how to do it and go get ready a rubber band!!

Go from under and pull it down....

Then turn it and.... 

Hook at the last finger!!!

Then again come from under and pull the right one down..

Just like this,,, but this time not need to turn!!

Then yout right hand middle finger pull down another from the left!!

And that's it... A Star!!!
Try it and teach it to your kids or little one at home. Have Fun...