BIG SAVINGS with EPSON's Genuine Ink Tank System Printers.

Epson and Concepts Computer has expanded its market-leading range in Brunei Darussalam with the L-Series genuine ink tank printers that offers wider selections of printers, allowing schools, businesses or professional users to choose the most suitable model for their needs and take business printing beyond ordinary volumes to an extraordinary amount of pages.

With years of defective third party continuous ink tank modifications to its printers, Epson has finally taken up the challenge and developed a reliable and still affordable solution to this problem. The first of it's kind, on offer from any Printing Solutions provider; Epson has unveiled printers with an external refillable ink tank which has not been tampered with by a third party. It will be the first affordable printer with an affordable consumables solution through first party refillable continuous ink tanks. It should also be mentioned that continuous ink tank printers are not meant for minimal usage but rather it is designed and manufactured for daily, heavy printing.

Concepts Computer will be relaunching the L-Series printers today by offering a great promotion where-by with every purchase of Epson L-Series printers, customers are entitled to receive one set of genuine Epson bottled inks for free worth approximately $40.

Up for grabs during this promotion period includes the Epson L210, the most basic model of genuine ink tank printer from Epson with print, scan and copy capabilities, available for $228; the Epson L355, a wireless model of genuine ink tank printer, available for $328; the Epson L550, a proper multi-function printer which includes a fax capability, available for $418; and the Epson L1300, an A3 sized genuine ink tank printer only, available for $598.

Each of these L-Series printers will utilize low cost consumables which in turn ensures low cost high volume printing. And at $10 per bottle and with an expected print yield of over 4,000 pages, for A4-sized prints, each print-out would cost approximately $0.0025 per page; an amazingly low printing cost ! And with such a high expected print yield of over 4,000 pages, the Epson L-Series original continuous ink tank printers are considered heavy duty printers which needs to be used regularly to ensure economical usage for all level of users.

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media, commented that, “Third party modifications of printers is one of the main concerns for Printing Solution providers right now, as it affects print quality, machine durability and is sometimes toxic especially with the usage of unknown refillable inks, which is why Epson is trying to curb this problem by putting a lot of effort into research and development to come up with their own continuous ink tank printing solutions”. Zul continued, “The Epson L-Series genuine continuous ink tank printers are actually a segmented printer, meant for 'hard-core' high volume users who are expected to print an excessive amount daily. Regular users are suggested to get a cheaper printer with a slightly higher but still affordable printing cost.”

All Epson L-Series customers are reminded to claim their free set of genuine Epson bottled inks when they make their Epson L-Series printer purchase. For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552/2233553.