Beach Bunch First Island Cleanup

Once again Beach Bunch had marked another milestone....
This time is the Beach Bunch first clean up at the one of the famous island at the Brunei River "Keingaran Island"
Early in the morning already started heavy rain..... I was worry that this event it has to cancel but luckily the sky give us faces it stop 30 minutes before the kick off! 
More than 200 volunteers during the day but unfortunately it was a high tide we don't have must  dry land for the volunteers to clean up. I have survey the island and we found there is 3 spot that can for us to clean up. Due to the capacity and safety we let each group 30 minutes to clean. And after the cleanup volunteers has the chance to go round round see see look look the Brunei River and Water Village. Awesome right.... indeed it is fun during the day!!
Although there is just a small clean up but we still manage to collect more than 500kg of waste on the island and the jetty and I'm pretty sure there are ton and tons of rubbish around the island there.
There is still have a lot of waste item laying there and enjoy the sunbath and we can't move it away.
During the clean up is just like you are having a treasure hunt.. you'll never expected what you gonna pick up in front of you! On my side we have found some diver jacket, School bags, cloths, pants, Toys, Furniture and many more... One of my friend shout my name and give me a gift... he found me a old lady bra lol... hahaha I think the size is around 38" D cup lol
Another item I think is pretty awesome is a small broken trophy. On the trophy we still can see it is a game trophy during our sultan birthday when he is 36 years old.. which mean is 1982 about 32 years ago!!! One of the students he took it back to school for his story about this clean up!!
Once again thanks for all the peoples come to join this cleanup.. you all are awesome!!!

Check check... see is it save to come here and clean up. Ok safe no Buaya!!

Our two young and beautiful Beach Bunch member!!!

Safety briefing first before to go!!

Ok lets go!!

Boys and Girls... lets do it!!

This is the small trophy wee found on the island!!!
not so sure what type of game is that but I'm sure is a game not need to wear shoe...

See see.. No tipu you one!! Is during HM 36 birthday one don't play play!!

Too small for me.. I can't wear it. heheheh

This is what we got during the day!!