Are You Using The Social Network In The Right Way?

I'm sure most of the people reading this post must have using Social Network right now! 
Especially in my home town simple pick and point a person in the street they sure have a Ig, Fb, Twitter account. Even those don't have that 3 account must have Whatapps one... correct  right!!!
But the question is... Do you use it in the right way?
 Here I want to share a little bit thing with you all how I think the East and the West people they use the social network differently.
There is a lot of different things they don't do but here we do!! I just point out one simple thing which is the "Privacy"
We like to share our "Location" in IG or FB. We like to share what we "Do" "See" "Eat" almost like a live tv program sharing with our friends!!
I also do that all the time... like where what I eat. I see, I do!! I'm a social media guy of coz I have to share what's the latest stuff happening right now!! But not all the thing I share on LIVE coz I still need some privacy for myself!! My privacy not just only about me.... It also about my family, my friends and people may not want to get attention! 

Now here are the story I want to share with you all is about I saw one of my friend he on his way back to his kampong! The reason why I want to share this is because I see a lot of people too much expose their stuff in the FB and IG!!
My friend he took his boarding pass at the airport posted at his IG. I can clearly see what is his name, the flight number, the seat and what time boarding and landing!!!
For my friend he is sharing with his friends right!!! I have see couple of time friends did that too there is nothing wrong. But have you think of your safety and a little bit privacy during your trip?
Ok here is the deal... you never know who is watching you... whoever also can follow you!!
If someone give you Info to that airport say you may bring some drugs, weapon, or you are the terrorist or killer or a case... what do you think the airport police, immigration officer, custom security will do to you? Your trip is gonna mass it up right!!!
Not just only that..... Like school holiday some friends like to share their trip with the kids photos in fb and ig too... and is live!! In this case you are telling the whole world your house is empty nobody at home!!!! You are open your gate to let people come in the house take it.. take what ever you want!!!
Yes... is real and it happen here! Not all the thing you can share it LIVE. 
If you want to share maybe after the trip not necessary must now!!
I know now days this social network has already part of our life but just be a little bit careful of what are the thing should not sharing! 
So think about it for your own safe or maybe is time for yourself just a little bit for Privacy!!!