Are You Using The Social Network In The Right Way?

I'm sure most of the people reading this post must have using Social Network right now! 
Especially in my home town simple pick and point a person in the street they sure have a Ig, Fb, Twitter account. Even those don't have that 3 account must have Whatapps one... correct  right!!!
But the question is... Do you use it in the right way?
 Here I want to share a little bit thing with you all how I think the East and the West people they use the social network differently.
There is a lot of different things they don't do but here we do!! I just point out one simple thing which is the "Privacy"
We like to share our "Location" in IG or FB. We like to share what we "Do" "See" "Eat" almost like a live tv program sharing with our friends!!
I also do that all the time... like where what I eat. I see, I do!! I'm a social media guy of coz I have to share what's the latest stuff happening right now!! But not all the thing I share on LIVE coz I still need some privacy for myself!! My privacy not just only about me.... It also about my family, my friends and people may not want to get attention! 

Now here are the story I want to share with you all is about I saw one of my friend he on his way back to his kampong! The reason why I want to share this is because I see a lot of people too much expose their stuff in the FB and IG!!
My friend he took his boarding pass at the airport posted at his IG. I can clearly see what is his name, the flight number, the seat and what time boarding and landing!!!
For my friend he is sharing with his friends right!!! I have see couple of time friends did that too there is nothing wrong. But have you think of your safety and a little bit privacy during your trip?
Ok here is the deal... you never know who is watching you... whoever also can follow you!!
If someone give you Info to that airport say you may bring some drugs, weapon, or you are the terrorist or killer or a case... what do you think the airport police, immigration officer, custom security will do to you? Your trip is gonna mass it up right!!!
Not just only that..... Like school holiday some friends like to share their trip with the kids photos in fb and ig too... and is live!! In this case you are telling the whole world your house is empty nobody at home!!!! You are open your gate to let people come in the house take it.. take what ever you want!!!
Yes... is real and it happen here! Not all the thing you can share it LIVE. 
If you want to share maybe after the trip not necessary must now!!
I know now days this social network has already part of our life but just be a little bit careful of what are the thing should not sharing! 
So think about it for your own safe or maybe is time for yourself just a little bit for Privacy!!!

Ikea Duktig Birthday Gift For My Baby!!

Do you still remember I have share a kid kitchen kit I saw at Ikea that really really cute when my family trip at Perth? (see here) Is not so expensive only cost aud$139.00 but is a bit heavy lah 20kg so I did not buy there and bring it back.
But I do promise my daughter one day I'll buy one for her which I did it for her 5 years old Birthday present! 
I bought here at one of the furniture shop at Kg.Mata-Mata there! It cost me Bnd$240.00. Yup... it sounds like a bit expensive of what I saw at Perth but think about it is save my Over weight charge! 

This Ikea kids kitchen is not like those normal plastic kitchen toys selling at department store or Toy R Us type!!! It almost like a really kitchen kits already just don't have water and fire only!! The quality is really good like a normal furniture! 
It even have Microwave, Oven, Stove.... really like a real kitchen!  So the night before my daughter's birthday I had to wait for her to sleep so I can set this up so the next morning I want to give her a surprise! It look very easy to set up but still it took me 2 hours to finish it!
I also add a little things which is giving it a additional led light in the Oven and microwave so it looks more real. 
The next morning when my daughter wake up she was surprise to see it and very happy!! My reward is her hug and kiss!!

At first I tot our duktig is the more awesome one have led light some more.. surely no body have that. Sekali I went to see in google I felt malu lah... Omg some people at others places they make their kids Duktig lagi more awesome lah. So make the water pipe to gold color, Marble table, Colorful curtain, Plate holder, macam-macam ada style... My led light it just a peanut lah!
Hey... then I realize this is not a kids toy lah!! Is the parent toys that want to look awesome for their kids!!! Some of the mother even so Kiasu one place it at their real kitchen some more.
For more picture to see how other parents do click the link at the last picture there!

Ok now let's do my job!!!

This is the upper part of the Duktig!! You can buy separately one!!

This is another one!!! same same also can buy separately!

Then put them up together and this is how it look!! cool right...

I add the Led lights so not is this how it look!!!

Look how other people modified their duktig! nice right!
Click HERE and HERE to see more awesome custom Ikea Duktig

Acer Combo At Concepts Computer

With the advancement of computing and visual technologies, customers are now on the look-out for the best choices of what can fulfill their ICT needs, and with Affordablity being the key-word for current wise consumer spending, Concepts Computer, with the support of Acer, is unveiling a never before seen combo promotion; the Acer Aspire ES1-511-C24A notebook with the Acer P1173 projector, available at an affordable combo price of $788.

The Acer Aspire ES1-511-C24A is an affordable 15.6 inch screen laptop, with great starter specifications and a great size for entertainment and work combined. The Acer Aspire ES1-511-C24A can be a great first laptop for students moving up from secondary education to higher institutions like Universities or Colleges.

Whether you're doing work or playing games, the Intel Quad Core Celeron and 4GB of RAM can handle it. The 4GB of RAM ensures the smooth operation and running of any work-related softwares, and the Intel Quad Core Celeron processor can work flawlessly with most non-graphic based games. Combine Work and Play in one machine !

Wireless connections abound, the Acer Aspire ES1-511-C24A can connect to any wireless network for easy access to the internet. Build-in Bluetooth connection also ensures wireless connevity for head-sets or speakers, and more importantly, for wireless transfer between devices, so data can be transferred from mobile devices to the safety of your laptop.

The Acer P1173 projector, an affordable starter Projector, is perfect for those looking to begin the next step in their Home-Entertainment needs, or for teachers looking to complement their teaching, or even for business looking to improve their sales-pitch. Easy to operate and set-up, it can be used in any environment, at home or for business.

Whether you're projecting business presentations, academic lectures or photographs, draw your audience in with immersive images. Colors remain balanced and images accurate with advanced Acer technologies. Everything looks sharp and real thanks to  SVGA resolutions and 3,000 lumens of brightness with HDMI Port connectivity available on the Acer P1173 projector.

The Acer P1173 projector is highly recommended as a starter projector because it is suited for beginners and also offers many useful features and connectivity. This means you can connect it to your Blu-Ray player or laptop or even cable-box directly and start using the Acer P1173 projector immediately.

Both of these Acer products are available to be purchased individually, $478 for the Acer Aspire ES1-511-C24A laptop and $468 for the Acer P1173 projector, but both will be available at Concepts Computer with the promotional combo price of $788 only, usual price is $946 for both. And with the purchase of the Acer P1173 projector, customers are also able to purchase a 70 inch by 70 inch projector screen for $100 only, usual price $128.

 Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer said, “With the help of Acer, we will like to bring the latest technologies into the Bruneian IT market at very affordable prices, without sacrificing quality, which is why we are offering this promotion to our loyal customers and giving them the opportunity to purchase these great products at a Promotional Combo price, so that our loyal customers do not have to choose between reliability, high performance and affordability.

 Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, “Concepts Computer has always tried hard to be at the fore-front of the IT industry in Brunei Darussalam, and with affordability being an important issue for local shoppers, that is why we came up with the Combo Promotion. The latest technology at affordable prices.”

Also note that these Acer products will also be available at promotional prices for Concepts Computer members who has the Concepts membership pendrive, students, teachers or those 50 years old and above; $398 each for either the Acer Aspire ES1-511-C24A laptop or Acer P1173 projector. Please show proof of eligibility at time of purchase.

Not to forget about Concepts Computer's month end promotion from 27th to 30th of every month where Concepts will be open from 9 am to 9pm. For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2/3

Ah Kim Fish Meat/Head Mee Hoon Soup

Come come come... don't say I no introduce you this good food here. Actually I also heard from my friends they told me much come to try the new dish here at the Kiulap Teazone Corner. FYI I did introduce their Chicken Rice before when their restaurant last time at the behind the VW Maju Motor there (See Here)
Now their new location is same block with the AV(apple reseller) shop there! I think their new location are more easy to find not like last time there is really like find a nail in the sea!!
As like before they serve halal food so this new nom nom if you are a fish lover I'm sure you gonna like it as well.  
Me... honestly I not really like to eat fish the reason is I really don't like the fish stinky smell. Even the fish and chip I also seldom order unless they use a good fish. I do like some fish like fish ball, salmon, grouper.
So why I want to introduce you try this Ah Kim Fish Meal Mee Hoon Soup? frankly speaking I don't like fish head/meat mee hoon soup one.... even my mom she cook at home once I know the dinner is eat this dish I'll drive out and go tapao eat better lah the reason is I hated the smell!!
But this one at Teazone Corner it change me think of the fish head mee hoon soup from today start I'll never think of this is stink!!!
seriously... not even one single drop of fish stinky smell on the fish and the soup and is taste fresh and yummy! Especially the soup is totally different that the look of my mom cook. Is look like the Japanese famous Tonkotsu Ramen the soup is white and creamy!!!
Oh don't play play... I really like it is really nice! Then I found out they are using the local fresh catch fish not the frozen fish!!
I also try out their Big Prawn Noodle hey.. not bad also too but I still prefer the Fish Mee Hoon!!
I never try or see got this dishes in town here then I found out this is from Sabah one... Oh no wonder lah! KK have a lot of this kind soup noodle which very nice one... First we have Kah Hoing Ngiu Chap then have Sheng Rou Mian now got this all is from KK. Wow,,, we getting more and more good stuff to eat here liao!!! Awesome lah.
This is their address: Unit 24 Ground Floor Simpang 88 Bangunan Hj Shmad Bin Hassan  Kampong Kiulap BE 1518 Brunei Darussalam 

This is the new location of Teasone Corner same block with the AV at Kiulap there!

 Must eat hot hot... if not not nice!!

 Look at their fish soup!! nice right the color... no kidding is nice. thumbs up!!!

 This is their Big Prawn Noodle!!!

Beach Bunch First Island Cleanup

Once again Beach Bunch had marked another milestone....
This time is the Beach Bunch first clean up at the one of the famous island at the Brunei River "Keingaran Island"
Early in the morning already started heavy rain..... I was worry that this event it has to cancel but luckily the sky give us faces it stop 30 minutes before the kick off! 
More than 200 volunteers during the day but unfortunately it was a high tide we don't have must  dry land for the volunteers to clean up. I have survey the island and we found there is 3 spot that can for us to clean up. Due to the capacity and safety we let each group 30 minutes to clean. And after the cleanup volunteers has the chance to go round round see see look look the Brunei River and Water Village. Awesome right.... indeed it is fun during the day!!
Although there is just a small clean up but we still manage to collect more than 500kg of waste on the island and the jetty and I'm pretty sure there are ton and tons of rubbish around the island there.
There is still have a lot of waste item laying there and enjoy the sunbath and we can't move it away.
During the clean up is just like you are having a treasure hunt.. you'll never expected what you gonna pick up in front of you! On my side we have found some diver jacket, School bags, cloths, pants, Toys, Furniture and many more... One of my friend shout my name and give me a gift... he found me a old lady bra lol... hahaha I think the size is around 38" D cup lol
Another item I think is pretty awesome is a small broken trophy. On the trophy we still can see it is a game trophy during our sultan birthday when he is 36 years old.. which mean is 1982 about 32 years ago!!! One of the students he took it back to school for his story about this clean up!!
Once again thanks for all the peoples come to join this cleanup.. you all are awesome!!!

Check check... see is it save to come here and clean up. Ok safe no Buaya!!

Our two young and beautiful Beach Bunch member!!!

Safety briefing first before to go!!

Ok lets go!!

Boys and Girls... lets do it!!

This is the small trophy wee found on the island!!!
not so sure what type of game is that but I'm sure is a game not need to wear shoe...

See see.. No tipu you one!! Is during HM 36 birthday one don't play play!!

Too small for me.. I can't wear it. heheheh

This is what we got during the day!!


This announcement intends to inform the public about the rescheduling of the much-anticipated football event of the year dubbed as the EPL Masters Football Brunei 2014 which would have been a gathering of legendary EPL All-Star players that was set to take place on 27 September 2014 at the National Stadium. The organiser (S-Team Solutions) is expressing deep regret for its decision to reschedule the event due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Then again, despite the event’s sudden deferment, the organiser will still carry on and fulfil its promise to bring into the country prominent personalities across the international football arena, specifically comprising legendary players from EPL’s prominent teams. However, the rescheduled date is still to be determined and will be announced early October.

Western Digital My Cloud™ Personal Cloud Storage

Western Digital is well-known in the IT industry as a long time innovator and storage industry leader, and as a storage technology pacesetter, the company produces reliable, high-performance hard disk drives. Which is why Concepts Computer is further expanding it's Western Digital product range available for consumers which will help them in managing their data and documents by introducing storage solutions that includes Hardware with Cloud Capabilities, like the Western Digital My Cloud and the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror storage solutions.

First on offer is the Western Digital My Cloud, available in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB storage sizes. The Western Digital My Cloud is the ideal companion for anyone with lots of videos, photos, music and files that they want to protect and have constant access to from everywhere in the world. It offers you the ability to keep all your important data in one safe place at home, without any additional cost. It also offers the ability for you to expand the storage of your smart devices by giving you the ability to upload data to your own personal cloud from anywhere and free up essential space on your smart devices.

The Western Digital My Cloud will also offer flexible back-up options through Western Digital's own softwares which comes free with all purchases of Western Digital My Cloud storage solutions. And set-up of your My Cloud storage solutions will be easy as one, two, three especially with Western Digital's rich web-based user interface and seamless web-guided set-up experience. The Western Digital My Cloud will be available from Concepts Computer for $238 for the 2TB capacity, $318 for 2TB capacity and $378 for 3TB capacity.

Next on offer is the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror, available in 4TB and 6TB storage sizes. The Western Digital My Passport Ultra will be one of the ultimate solutions to storage at home and on your personal cloud. With the ability to duplicate files through RAID 1 for additional storage protection, the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror combines all the best features of what personal storage solutions should be with the anywhere access of cloud storage.

With the inclusion of RAID 1 or Mirror Mode, the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror will let you have the freedom of having duplicate files under your control, making personal Data Loss as close to impossible as possible, that is, when one hard-disk fail, you need not worry, as your data is protected by having another copy on the Mirror drive. The Western Digital My Cloud Mirror will be available from Concepts Computers for $498 for the 4TB capacity, and $698 for the 6TB capacity.

Also not to forget, back on offer is the Western Digital My Passport Ultra Metal edition, available in 1TB and 2TB storage sizes. With it's ultra-sleek design and metal exterior, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra will use durable metal enclosures to protect the hard disk drive inside and will be build to the demanding requirements of durability, shock tolerance, and long-term reliability. With the inclusion of the Western Digital SmartWare Pro automatic backup software, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra will also let you chose when and where you back up your files. It will be available from Concepts Computers for $138 for the 1TB capacity, and $218 for the 2TB capacity.

The non-Metal edition of the Western Digital Ultra will still be available at Concepts Computer at much more affordable pricing; $98 for 500GB, $128 for 1TB and $198 for 2TB storage sizes.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer said, “This launch is the continuation of Concepts Computer great expansion into storage solutions with Western Digital. Concepts have noticed that Western Digital storage solutions have been well-received by our customers so we will continue to work hard to provide a larger range of better and more affordable digital storage solutions for the IT consumers of Brunei Darussalam.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, ”We know how valuable digital data is to the modern world and this is our first step in providing exciting solutions for the local IT-market. And with the release of the latest in storage solutions from Western Digital and Concepts Computer, customers do not have to choose between reliability, high performance and affordability, it is all available right here.” Zul continued, ”And in terms of realiability, consumers will be glad to note that all Western Digital storage solutions will be provided with 3 years limited warranty.”

And for more information on the wide-selection and full-range of storage solutions available at Concepts Computer, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552/2233553.