Visit Bangkok 2014

If is not because of the the protest and curfew my this year visit Bangkok should done it at March or May! Now the Bangkok is a bit slightly different which is not much tourism as before but still can see that the visitor slowly coming back. Especially at the Airport now not as much people like before. I kinda love it like this coz I don't have to wait and queue that long. FYI this is the best time to visit Bangkok coz the ticket is cheaper, hotel also cheaper and is big sale now. This trip as usual lah.. my main thing is to visit Phra Phrom second of coz the real Thai foods there lah.
As I said the tourism not as much as before but still there is some hotel is newly open. Just like this trip I went to stay at a new hotel just opened this year May. Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11 now is in one of my hotel list!
The location is perfect to me. Very very near to the Nana BTS station. Street foods, 7-11 restaurant is just few step from the lobby. Now the rates is pretty awesome I booked from online one night B$125.00 plus breakfast, got swimming pool and gym, top floor 180'' view restaurant!
Club and Pup just across the street only... Drunk like a dog already walk also can get into the room...hehhehe
This time my trip I did a little things different here. Normally I'm sure go to the Thonglor eat at one of my favorite restaurant call 55 and the Chicken rice and kolomee at Pratunam there. I went to few new place I didn't go makan there before. I went to a Aussie restaurant just nest to my hotel there and their bbq rims really nice lah. then My Thai friend bring me to China Town eat dinner there! I don't know what it the restaurant's name lah.. looks like no name one they cook the foods just next to the road one and really really many people go there eat.
The last restaurant is go it with 2 of my Brunei friends they arrived 2 days after me. We went to a place really some call Tawandang it really make my eyes and mouth open once I enter the restaurant...
So big and many people and got show to watch!!! This is my first time I see restaurant goes like this...
Our table at second floor and next to stage is really pretty awesome. The people there singing and eat at the same time!! Although I don't really understand what there sing and laugh but this place really happening lah.
I been to Thailand many times already but my every trip to Bangkok it always have new things waiting for me to discovery there! Next year I have to gather some more friends going there liao lah! Hated it going alone man!!

Arrived at 9pm and this is my room at Grand Swiss!!

The room very comfort and the view from my room also very nice too and see the Night of Bangkok too bad camera not good enough to show you all.

Right after I check in my room the next thing to do is go eat.. Just across my hotel already can easily find nice kolomee (BakMeeHeng) selling on the street!! Honestly is really yummy lah

Next day morning... view from my room window!

After come back from pray Phra Phrom I got nothing to do already.. lucky I got bring my Speedo hehehe

Then I at afternoon I plan to have a quick lunch but when I saw this restaurant I stuck here for nearly 2 hours here... slowly enjoy my foods and Pale Ale!!

I'm satisfied with my food... BBQ baby ribs and a bottle of Pale Ale!! 

This trip I didn't buy much things... Just this shoes!!

My Best Thai Friend.... His my first #IVLP friend met at D.C

Long time no sit the Toktok car. We use this to go in China Town!

Let's go hunt for Food!!!

When come to Bangkok I kinda Hardcore for the foods here!
I also don't know why I not worry get food poisoning... maybe is because every time I touch down the land there the first thing I do is go for their local beer lah heheh
I really love to eat their raw prawn as you see at this photo! I only dare to eat this at Bangkok. If balik kampong I never order this here....hehehe

This is also a must I love to order if I makan at Bangkok!
Oyster omelette 

Have to try this Grass Noodle Crap? This remind me one of the Thai funny advert! watch HERE

 The next day my two friends arrived and we went to this Tawandang for dinner!
If you never been here... go try one time and you know how happening is it inside there.
Just like watching concert and dinner in the same time!