Vantage Spoon

Wow wow wow... Look this is a very vantage spoon lah really long time no see this already! I can't believe now still have people using this spoon. That say I went to Pondok Sari Wangi having dinner with my with I saw they dessert corner Ice-Kacang serve with this. That moment I feel like want to curi one back home.
Really really long time no see it already... Me last time when still a little boy always this this spoon. I still remember it has another one with a little boy and also the small plate and bowl also have!
This type of spoon and bowl very common used by restaurant... I remember at the Seria old Mee center all using this hehehe what a sweet memories lah!
But  of coz I also have bad memories with this type of spoon lah... Coz when I was sick my mom use this spoon to crash the panadol to powder and mix with water and feed me!! 
Last time our panadol very bitter one where got like now got for kids and taste sweet like candy!! When every time my mom feed me with this I felt like wanna die liao...
Look at the spoon 5 minutes still don't have the guts to swallow the medicine! Must wait until my mom shout and mad at me then walk out to house stand beside the drain and count 123 fast fast swallow the medicine!! Why have to stand beside the drain?? that's is because I standby to vomit lah hahahah...