New Outlet And Restaurant Open Soon!

Wow.. Long time no hang around at the Times Square and Cities Square I found out there are new shop open that area soon... 
The one at the Times Square at the Times Hotel lift one by looking the style it looks like the Auntie Anne. I remember the blue and white tiles it look the same like Auntie Anne. Hopefully I not wrong lah if I salah Malu eh hehehe. If is right for the people who stay that area is a good news for them lah not need to drive that far to Batu Satu here anymore!!

So another one restaurant at the Cities Square  have no idea what the name and belongs to who lah but by looking the style it looks like another Japanese restaurant lah. If I'm not wrong it should be a Tenpayaki 
I love Tenpayaki and my favorite one is at the Top floor of Yaohan.... oh ya that is a donkey years ago already. We do have few Tenpayaki lah but I either is too expensive or else is the food just so so saja. Some time I feel like I can cook better than the chef!!
Hopefully this new restaurant and fulfill me lah