Home Make Pizza

Have you ever try to make a pizza by yourself? No either but last weekend I did make my first Hawaiian Pizza and I was delicious I never think of it can be such a easy way to make one lah but of coz you need to have a good Pizza Over to make a good Pizza lah.. If don't have just use the normal kitchen also can of not as good as the traditional one lah!
One of my buddy last weekend he call up all the gang go to his house and have a home make pizza dinner due to welcome one of our friend came back from KL.
Don't ask me where did the pizza oven my friend he bought and how much is it! I heard they order it form UK one lah but anyway this is a very good oven and it make the pizza more delicious because of the wood fire aroma!
My friend he has to buy a special woods to cook the pizza one heard he buy the woods from the Bandar Tamu there! 
Hey... honestly to make a pizza is not hard one I also can do it at home. All the ingredients you can buy at any supermarket only the pizza dough saja is a bit susah lah. You have to try and try many time then can make a perfect dough. But no worries buddies I teach you a very simple way to make the pizza dough!! Just go to the Fratini's tapao saja hehehe. Yes they do have allow order their dough which is my friend did it!
All we need to do is roll you own size and the thickness of the roti you want to be saja! 
I make my own super thin one coz I love to eat crispy pizza!!!
Making own pizza is really fun... you can put whatever you like and as much as you can!
My first pizza it look ugly... so what who care anyway I'm the customer so no worries people complain.
One thing must remember one is to turn the pizza while baking it, if not one side will burn and another side can eat!!
Ok now come take look how's my pizza looks like!
I swear.. it really delicious oh don't play play!

I can't remember what I put that night... I think it has mushroom, pepperoni, hams. chickens, onions, garlic i think... ai ya I just put whatever I see on the table saja!! Hamtam saja.. 

Inside the oven really hot oh don't play play.. Just a little while my pizza cheese start dancing there! 
Must keep on eyes avoid it burn. If you are pro of coz know what to do lah. Me first time must be careful 

This is it... My so call Hawaiian pizza!!!