Disposable Chopstick

I'm sure you all have use this chopstick before one right... Yeah is easy, convenient, not need to wash and just use one time an buang. But now I think we have to change the way we using it now! Not sure the factory have a black heart or want to make more money, recently the market now this type of chopstick the quality is a bit down. I have reach some news from other countries about this type of chopstick they use clorox to wash the chopstick and make it white especially from China. I don't know do we have this kind of Clorox Chopstick here or not but recently I went to tapao fried noodle from a restaurant which I always like to tapao there.. I found that their disposable chopstick come with a very strange smell!! Is like kind of medicine smell.... Then I opened another one chopstick it still having the same smell. At that moment I straight away use my home chopstick!!
I not sure this is the kind of Clorox Chopstick as report from the Taiwan news tv or not lah but I just want to share with you all next time if you use this disposable chopstick smell it first before you use.