Bridge Brand Matches

Wow... look what I found in my house!!! A very vantage matches in a tools drawer seldom open.
This day really hard to find this matches in the shop... If I'm not wrong it not selling anymore here.
Back in the time it sell 10cents each and every house sure have this at home. 
We have a  lot of way to play with this marches one... Play it imagine is a Tank, Flip it imagine is a fire cracker or put in a line and fire it like domino!!! There is plenty of way to play it lah and never get bored(actually is because when we bored we play it lo hehehe) oh and some like to smell it when it fired! 
Then when me and our kampong boys grown bigger start learn to smoke this this is a MUST we have in the pocket. And then someone in the gang notice there is a 4 digit number in the box! You need to turn in up side down the word BRIDGE you see 3901 there..hehehe. That is why we call this is Matches 3901.
This is the last 2 matchbox in my house I think I'll keep it and not using it anymore lah!!

So do you see the number??