Bridge Brand Matches

Wow... look what I found in my house!!! A very vantage matches in a tools drawer seldom open.
This day really hard to find this matches in the shop... If I'm not wrong it not selling anymore here.
Back in the time it sell 10cents each and every house sure have this at home. 
We have a  lot of way to play with this marches one... Play it imagine is a Tank, Flip it imagine is a fire cracker or put in a line and fire it like domino!!! There is plenty of way to play it lah and never get bored(actually is because when we bored we play it lo hehehe) oh and some like to smell it when it fired! 
Then when me and our kampong boys grown bigger start learn to smoke this this is a MUST we have in the pocket. And then someone in the gang notice there is a 4 digit number in the box! You need to turn in up side down the word BRIDGE you see 3901 there..hehehe. That is why we call this is Matches 3901.
This is the last 2 matchbox in my house I think I'll keep it and not using it anymore lah!!

So do you see the number??

Test Drive The New Nissan Teana

 Boustead SDN BHD will be holding a Nissan Teana test-drive activity for Medias as a pre-launch event. The event will take place at  D’Pantai Terindak Café to enable the Medias to test drive Teana’s on the road performance, in the hope that it will create added value through exclusive media write up in  align with the public expectations.

The all-new Nissan Teana is a manifestation of Nissan’s global design and engineering expertise. Redesigned based on the Suggestive Aura approach, it features brilliant and dynamic design that reflects bold and sophisticated appearance with wide, aggressive stance. Both exterior and interior are elaborately designed with tremendous care. Every inch has been meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Quality craftsmanship is apparent in every aspect of Teana’s interior features as extensive use of upscale, soft-touch materials you would expect to find. 

One of the most distinctive features of the Teana is Zero Gravity-inspired Seats. According to the principle stating that men will be in the most relaxed posture when they are in the condition of weightlessness in space. Nissan developed this concept into a new innovation of Spinal Support Seat. The seats lift you up to relieve pressure points, helping to reduce fatigue while keeping you comfortable to driver and passengers alike. 

The Teana is definitely a pleasure to own. Indulge in superb sound quality of BOSE audio system, which is equipped with subwoofer and 9 speakers around the car. You can now enjoy the powerful sound of music from all directions. Thanks to the new design of quiet and undisturbed cabin room, it allows you to relax with your favourite songs along the ride. Along with advanced drive-assist intelligent 4.0 inch, 3D-effect graphics color display, it serves up key information right in front of you with its 3D depth and tilt display that keep you feel refreshed on the longest of journey. Toggle between drive information (inclusive of average fuel consumption, the average speed, distance and driving duration) and audio display, etc

Action speaks louder than words with the performance of the all-new Teana, the statement proven by award winning Nissan’s reliable VQ35DE engine that heightens the driving excitement. The powerful engine yields high performance which delivers truly unbeatable groundbreaking performance in response to all kinds of drive. Additionally, it advances to the next step with the new intelligent Xtronic CVT system, which provides better acceleration and improved fuel efficiency just like riding a continuous wave of power that giving you an exhilarating gear change sensation.

Another highlight of the Teana is the all-new rear multi-link suspension which designed for exceptional agility which delivers superior smooth and comfortable riding. You’ll feel it especially in the corners, when the layout of the suspension allows the rear wheels to turn slightly to match the front - giving you the sensation of riding on rails. Paired with Nissan's Active Under Steer Control, this innovative technology helps improve control when you take a corner. It reads the cornering situation and if needed, will imperceptibly brake the appropriate wheel to help you steer through the turn.

Protect you and the people you love with Nissan’s latest impressive safety technology. If Teana detects that you are straying from your lane, the lane departure warning system will give both a visual and audible alert. So smart, the system is designed to stop the warnings whenever your turn signal is engaged. On a side note, the blind spot warning indicator appears in the driver’s or front passenger’s doors and on the advanced drive assist display if another vehicle is detected in your blind spot area. Shift into reverse, and the available next generation around view monitor displays what’s behind you.  If it detects something moving by the rear of the Teana when you’re in reverse, the moving object detection system gives a visual and audible alert. 

 Drive in absolute comfort with thoughtfully exquisite features that set to fill your journey with luxury and performances which come together in a seamless union. From sleek, sporty curves to enhancements that provide greater performance, the all-new Teana acts as an elegant & innovative automobile that meticulously created to become a flawless masterpiece. This is your moment. This is the time. Get behind the wheel of the all-new Nissan Teana now!

ALS #IceBucketChallenge I On Lah!!!

I'm Nominated To Challenge ALS Ice Bucket!!!

WalauEh.... Me live so far far away in a small country here also kana nominated to do the #ALS #IceBucketChallenge  all the way from Canada Vancouver. Don't like that eh Clement Ow... die die still want me to do it!!! Ok fine I accept the challenge and do donation for ALS Association  and some for the local NGO. Who Pa Who(誰怕誰)No run you one... but now I have to think who I want to pull then to water too!!! Should I nominate some Ambassador here or the big company CEO hehehe
Mmmm.... maybe I should nominate people who is not in my town one!!!

Home Make Pizza

Have you ever try to make a pizza by yourself? No either but last weekend I did make my first Hawaiian Pizza and I was delicious I never think of it can be such a easy way to make one lah but of coz you need to have a good Pizza Over to make a good Pizza lah.. If don't have just use the normal kitchen also can of not as good as the traditional one lah!
One of my buddy last weekend he call up all the gang go to his house and have a home make pizza dinner due to welcome one of our friend came back from KL.
Don't ask me where did the pizza oven my friend he bought and how much is it! I heard they order it form UK one lah but anyway this is a very good oven and it make the pizza more delicious because of the wood fire aroma!
My friend he has to buy a special woods to cook the pizza one heard he buy the woods from the Bandar Tamu there! 
Hey... honestly to make a pizza is not hard one I also can do it at home. All the ingredients you can buy at any supermarket only the pizza dough saja is a bit susah lah. You have to try and try many time then can make a perfect dough. But no worries buddies I teach you a very simple way to make the pizza dough!! Just go to the Fratini's tapao saja hehehe. Yes they do have allow order their dough which is my friend did it!
All we need to do is roll you own size and the thickness of the roti you want to be saja! 
I make my own super thin one coz I love to eat crispy pizza!!!
Making own pizza is really fun... you can put whatever you like and as much as you can!
My first pizza it look ugly... so what who care anyway I'm the customer so no worries people complain.
One thing must remember one is to turn the pizza while baking it, if not one side will burn and another side can eat!!
Ok now come take look how's my pizza looks like!
I swear.. it really delicious oh don't play play!

I can't remember what I put that night... I think it has mushroom, pepperoni, hams. chickens, onions, garlic i think... ai ya I just put whatever I see on the table saja!! Hamtam saja.. 

Inside the oven really hot oh don't play play.. Just a little while my pizza cheese start dancing there! 
Must keep on eyes avoid it burn. If you are pro of coz know what to do lah. Me first time must be careful 

This is it... My so call Hawaiian pizza!!!

Classic Royal Wedding Mug

This one must share share with you all here... Last week I eat food food got nothing to do and I found a very classic souvenir mug. I never see this before and never know we have this in the Glasses Cabinet!!
Feel like found a treasure lah hehehe. Wow.. I just counted this mug already got 46 years already oh don't play play and it was in very good condition.
Wondering how much it worth now and how many this mug left in Brunei here !
As you can see it look like draw then printed one not like now is photo print up one!

New 3G-Connected ACER Iconia 7” Tablet In Town!

With the previous successful launch of the many forms of the Acer Iconia tablet series by both Concepts Computer and Acer, and the high proliferation of tablet use among consumers, Acer, with the help of Concepts Computer, is happy to announce the launch of another model, the Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713.

The Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 tablet, a new and sleek 7-inch slate running Android, is targeted at young or new users or families looking for an additional tablet for their household, and is ideal for busy individuals seeking a convenient mobile companion. At 7 inches, the same size as a standard book page, the Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 tablet has a display that's comfortable for e-reading, web browsing, playing games and watching videos.

The slim Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 has a premium look and feel with a clean and simple design of anodized silver and this makes the Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 extremely comfortable to hold and use with a single hand, yet it’s large enough for reading text and enjoying video. The Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 is ready to travel the world. Its clean design was made to see and be seen.

The Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713's high-resolution display and 4:3 aspect ratio make it ideal for reading and web browsing. Its narrow bezel design expands your view of the 7.9" screen and provides everything you need in a package that fits nicely in your hand.

Enjoy faster web and gaming performance with a Quad core processor. Plus, you can go all day, every day, thanks to the Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713's battery life of up to 6 hours on a single charge.

The Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713's vibrant 7-inch screen delivers crisp visuals with up to 1280x800 HD resolution and IPS technology for truly vivid colors from wide viewing angles. Dual speakers further immerse you in the things you love.

At just 7" and about 300 grams, the Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 is small enough to slip easily into your commuting bag, yet big enough to provide a fine view of your favorite media. And with the 3G connection, you can have the Internet's many resource at the tips of your finger. Read e-books and e-magazines, watch videos, play games -- and enjoy every moment !

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media, said, “Concepts Computer will always listen to the needs of Bruneian consumers, which is why we are launching the latest tablet from ACER. Hopefully, by providing the latest in technology, Concepts will be able to fulfill the needs of local IT-enthusiasts.” Vincent Pao continued, ”This is also in step with our policy of offering highly affordable products and services to our customers without sacrificing quality.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, “Concepts Computer does not sacrifice quality when it comes to products meant for the Bruneian public, as one of the major IT retailers in Brunei Darussalam, Concepts Computer will always work hard to be at the fore-front of offering affordable products and services, like the Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713, because we know that, in the long run, affordable IT solutions offered to the general public in Brunei Darussalam, would benefit our country by creating a highly IT-literate population.”

The Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713 will run on Android OS and has a Quad Core processor capable of doing most tasks well. It will also have 1GB of RAM and 16GB of Flash storage, enough to store movies, music and books to make travel-life easier and fun. The 7” touch screen makes it a perfect entertainment partner, and the dual back and front cameras will make it a great social media tool, too. Connections include 3G, 802.11 wireless and Bluetooth, making connectivity easy and fast. The Acer Iconia  Tab 7 A1-713  will be available for $218 at all ACER resellers near you. For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2/3.

NEW ACER ASPIRE SWITCH 10 – Notebook and Tablet in One Flexible Device !

Flexibility, the keyword for the new IT era, is key in being able to adapt to many changing and demanding needs of Bruneian IT consumers. And with the steady move of our daily computing from old-form desktops and laptops to tablets, especially touch-screen multi-format devices, Acer has made the huge leap in providing one of the best Notebook and Tablet all-in-one device in the ACER Aspire Switch 10.

The ACER Aspire Switch 10, winner of Digital Life Magazine's Editor's Choice 2014 award, will sport the latest Intel Atom processor, 2GB of Ram, 32GB built-in eMMC solid state drive and 500GB HDD, and a 10.1 inch touch-screen LCD with IPS technology. It is also significant to note that the ACER Switch 10 will include Microsoft Office Home and Student pre-installed, making it easier and much more convenient to do work on-the-go.

Fluidly Elegant.
The ACER Aspire Switch 10 knows design doesn’t only live in a static image. Design lives in use. It is the feeling of the metal under fingers, a smooth release, a conveniently slim profile. Acer Snap Hinge™ design is flipping, folding, docking, detaching and all of the activities that ensue.

Delightfully Productive.
The ACER Aspire Switch 10's Intel® Atom™ processor and Microsoft InstantGo means a smooth, fast experience and less time wasted. AcerCloud™ allows you to access your files anywhere on any device. Its more productive, which means you can be too.

Stunningly Vibrant.

The ACER Aspire Switch 10 makes visuals enjoyable in any situation. From a game between airport gates to a TV show caught between classes to an interactive kid's book before goodnight, the Zero Air Gap (direct bonding) and IPS1 technology offer a stunning display for one or many.

Extraordinarily Bright.
Whether you’re an indoors person, an outdoors person, or a bit of both, the Aspire Switch 10 is designed to be used everywhere you go. Its LumiFlex™ display technology provides optimized color control that lets you watch videos and share photos even under the sun.

Immensely Adaptable.
Use the ACER Aspire Switch 10 as a portable tablet, type with its keyboard for productivity, pivot its screen to share a presentation with others, or flip it to watch a movie when space is limited. Switch between laptop, tablet, display screen and tent modes to enhance your work and play.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media, said, “Concepts Computer is proud to introduce to the Bruneian market, the ACER Aspire Switch 10, built for the future and combines flexibility, portability and vibrancy in a package that puts you in control of your work and play on-the-go.” He continued, “Concepts Computer will always step-up to provide the perfect solution from Acer, making sure that it is affordable and well-built, and we believe the ACER Aspire Switch 10 is a good addition to our portfolio of ACER Connected Devices.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive at Concepts Computer, also added, “With Microsoft Office Home and Student pre-installed on all ACER Aspire Switch 10s, that's another cost of productivity that we are providing to customers for free, making sure that our customers will get full functionality at an affordable price.”

The ACER Aspire Switch 10 is available at Concepts Computer for $618 only and comes with a free detachable keyboard that can also be used as a screen protector. For more information call 2233551, 2233552 or 2233553.

Visit Bangkok 2014

If is not because of the the protest and curfew my this year visit Bangkok should done it at March or May! Now the Bangkok is a bit slightly different which is not much tourism as before but still can see that the visitor slowly coming back. Especially at the Airport now not as much people like before. I kinda love it like this coz I don't have to wait and queue that long. FYI this is the best time to visit Bangkok coz the ticket is cheaper, hotel also cheaper and is big sale now. This trip as usual lah.. my main thing is to visit Phra Phrom second of coz the real Thai foods there lah.
As I said the tourism not as much as before but still there is some hotel is newly open. Just like this trip I went to stay at a new hotel just opened this year May. Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11 now is in one of my hotel list!
The location is perfect to me. Very very near to the Nana BTS station. Street foods, 7-11 restaurant is just few step from the lobby. Now the rates is pretty awesome I booked from online one night B$125.00 plus breakfast, got swimming pool and gym, top floor 180'' view restaurant!
Club and Pup just across the street only... Drunk like a dog already walk also can get into the room...hehhehe
This time my trip I did a little things different here. Normally I'm sure go to the Thonglor eat at one of my favorite restaurant call 55 and the Chicken rice and kolomee at Pratunam there. I went to few new place I didn't go makan there before. I went to a Aussie restaurant just nest to my hotel there and their bbq rims really nice lah. then My Thai friend bring me to China Town eat dinner there! I don't know what it the restaurant's name lah.. looks like no name one they cook the foods just next to the road one and really really many people go there eat.
The last restaurant is go it with 2 of my Brunei friends they arrived 2 days after me. We went to a place really some call Tawandang it really make my eyes and mouth open once I enter the restaurant...
So big and many people and got show to watch!!! This is my first time I see restaurant goes like this...
Our table at second floor and next to stage is really pretty awesome. The people there singing and eat at the same time!! Although I don't really understand what there sing and laugh but this place really happening lah.
I been to Thailand many times already but my every trip to Bangkok it always have new things waiting for me to discovery there! Next year I have to gather some more friends going there liao lah! Hated it going alone man!!

Arrived at 9pm and this is my room at Grand Swiss!!

The room very comfort and the view from my room also very nice too and see the Night of Bangkok too bad camera not good enough to show you all.

Right after I check in my room the next thing to do is go eat.. Just across my hotel already can easily find nice kolomee (BakMeeHeng) selling on the street!! Honestly is really yummy lah

Next day morning... view from my room window!

After come back from pray Phra Phrom I got nothing to do already.. lucky I got bring my Speedo hehehe

Then I at afternoon I plan to have a quick lunch but when I saw this restaurant I stuck here for nearly 2 hours here... slowly enjoy my foods and Pale Ale!!

I'm satisfied with my food... BBQ baby ribs and a bottle of Pale Ale!! 

This trip I didn't buy much things... Just this shoes!!

My Best Thai Friend.... His my first #IVLP friend met at D.C

Long time no sit the Toktok car. We use this to go in China Town!

Let's go hunt for Food!!!

When come to Bangkok I kinda Hardcore for the foods here!
I also don't know why I not worry get food poisoning... maybe is because every time I touch down the land there the first thing I do is go for their local beer lah heheh
I really love to eat their raw prawn as you see at this photo! I only dare to eat this at Bangkok. If balik kampong I never order this here....hehehe

This is also a must I love to order if I makan at Bangkok!
Oyster omelette 

Have to try this Grass Noodle Crap? This remind me one of the Thai funny advert! watch HERE

 The next day my two friends arrived and we went to this Tawandang for dinner!
If you never been here... go try one time and you know how happening is it inside there.
Just like watching concert and dinner in the same time!