People No Business But He Have!!!

Today open the newspaper first headline is the coverage of the local chinese restaurant suffering the business very very bad due to the new law Ramadhan month day time cannot eat in any restaurant even  those can only tapao but the still turn out people prefer go back home and eat. 
Coz most of the people have their breakfast and lunch are at restaurant even me also do the same thing.. so now I just eat at home saja! 
When every restaurant cry for bad business only one of my friend he is happy coz he business is better than ever which is he use his van to selling foods go around the town like go to the site and workshop! 
Very convenient just pick which one you like and pay then eat! 

So is this telling us when after the heavy rain the road become a river so just us a boat lah!!! When your horse die then you use your legs walk lah.... Not just sit down and complain this and that!!! Go find a way yourself don't expected people take a spoon come and feed you lah! Talk so must and voice so loud but do nothing wait for langsat and durian fall. The sun will never come out from the west already!
Think...... What is the next step you all should go!!! Delivery kah... Hotline order service kah.. 
Chinese people got words like this... 山不转水转(shān bù zhuàn shuǐ zhuàn) mean A cannot do it.. then look for B lah!!!

Selling chicken rice one no business?? No problem.... Make a promotion every day 10am to 11am one hour special one whole chicken selling $15.00 with rices. WalauEh I'm sure many people come queue up one.... 
Selling Soto no business??? No problem.... Bring your own container add soup no add money!!!
Selling Roti Canai no business??? No Problem.... Buy 3 roti telor free one kosong!!!
Selling Ayam Penyet no business???  No Problem.... Buy one Ayam Penyet free one cola!!!!
So many idea of marketing we can use..... if don't know how just follow Mcd one lah... Add $1 Size Up!!! Earn Less better than earn noting!!!
Correct or not!!!!