Need A Sign Or Redesign!!!

I don't know is it just me notice this or what or you also feel the same way too!! There is a lot of this type divider in the middle of the road this is to avoided people make a u-turn, exit or enter to the junction or parking at the road side... You'll easily see this obstacle at Gadong fish market, Abdul Razak complex, Kiulap, Kiarong etc...
Honestly I personally kinda hate this thing sit in the middle of the road! 
 I had see this many times some driver ramp up this thing and the car stuck in the middle of it. I feel like is kind of trap and make people step on it!! If for a big car like for those 4x4 of coz no problem lah coz the car is high..just reverse gear nothing happen.. but for the small car, saloon car, sport car... damn is a nightmare from us!! Similar like a turtle stuck at a rock cannot move!
Stuck is just a small problem.. the worst thing is that it cause the Gear box broken or break the engine oil tank! Who is gonna responsible for that lost?
The reasons why some driver slam up to this obstacle it could be they are drunk, talk to their phone and didn't notice it or maybe saw a ufo fly by at the sky??
The reason of all what I know is people cannot see or know there is a such big trap hiding in the middle of the road. At night it totally invisible especially this one you see in the picture here this is located at Kg Kiarong at night here is dark no lamp post so for the drivers whom is not from this kampong or not often use this road they'll easily run up over!! This accident happen here many time already. 
That is because there is no sign to pointing showing to go left for the driver or some kind of the reflector so at night drives can avoid to hit on it!!
If can... please put one immediately before another accidents happen. Not just here and also for all wherever have this thing!!

Btw.... I think this design also wrong already... it doesn't suitable and not safety at all to built it in that way!! This is totally danger for the road user some how if heavy rain fall it block the water to go away turn out a road become a river! I suggest it redesign or it build like a Roti John!! Or call it Zebra Roti John... 4" inch height  8" wide all the way as long as you can and it has a gap let water pass through.
basically it just like a little tiny small Hump but Long type lah.. Better than now the one here want to make people fall. If the motorcycle user hit this at least they still no fall down from the bike and get hurt right! Let's considerate for the road user safety and life!!!

Cute isn't it my drawing....hehehe