My First Make By My Baby

Is been a long time I don't have a touching feeling right until that day I got a Ketupat that make by my daughter she learn it from the Jolly Phonics school! Me eat until 40 years old already ever know how to make the kerupat now my daughter coming 6 years old can make it. 
Some time I don't ask myself what more do I want.... Money?? Career? Love?? Yes.. all I want but is the past.... Now I think I have everything, even the thing I never had I also not thinking of it anymore!
Now what I want is my two little daughter can healthy and happy to grow up!
So happy that can eat the ketupat she make... when I watching back her video she just a little girl but now she can make the thing that I never came across learn how to make it... I really so proud of her!
Maybe few more years I can taste her first Mata Lembu :) or her first make birthday cake for me...hehehe