Many Are Wrong!!

Eh Bruthers.... Do you received this message for forward to your friends via whatsaap?? FYI I check already many of the restaurant Sungkai Buffet prices are not correct one!!
I don't know who make it and where they got it or maybe is 2 to 3 years ago one lah so anyway this don't believe lah! But this is not all bad lah..... is this prices list it real one back in 2 to 3 years ago now you can use it can check how much different from before and after!
I check some of the restaurant is 2 to 3 dollars increase some is 6 to 7 dollars increase which mean that there are 10%-15% increase compare with few years back!!!
Eh..... I not saying this is bad lah but just suggest be a smart consumer not a blockhead spender! 
Is the menu or dishes is improve better than before I think is Ok and worth it lah.
If is still same like last year but have to pay more.. like that better go pasar malam tapao lagi best!