Interpol Website Is Fun To Surf

Today I was really shock to see that a photo snap shot from the Interpol website a man that wanted he is one of my friend long long time from school! first thing in my mind is wow... jialat!!
I though it was fake but when I go to search their website I really saw my friend photo in the wanted list!! I really can't believe what I see.
Then from that moment I started go surf the Interpol website and I found that is quite intersting to see see look look in there! There is a lot of info and news about the Interpol you can take a look. The most intersting one is the at the top right the three list which you can see who is missing in the world, who is wanted by the world!! And the last one is where and how many case!! When I count it I see the numbers I also shock....
My favorite part is the wanted one!! You can search the name, nationality and which country wanted that person and what is their crime!!! Most of the crime they did is involved with money, murder or drugs. I saw one uncle from Malaysia 70 years old murder people and now on the run! Then one Aunty 50plus tipu people money... Then one man born at Brazil but is orang Brunei... Hehehe he using fake passport lah I think!! Eh really not bad yo.. Can go in see see look look sometime buang masa there... Mana tau you see someone look like your own face there... Lol.

I like this part.... People wanted by the Interpol. Some people you look at their face you really can't tell they are committed to crime! 

You can see the number of crime and people missing in the world!!