From BAN 5 Move To Beribi

Hey bruthers.. do you remember my last post about the Bees at MayDay Monday eh here got to be continue one. 
After the heavy rain the bee takeoff a fly away to look for new place to nesting! About 5:30pm one of my friend he saw a group of bee flying around a tree where near his office! And then less than 15 minutes the bee nest sudah jadi look like at the moment their home is that! 
You sure where is the place right?? Is some where near the Brunei Press a big tree there lah! Wah so fast oh from Ban 5 fly to Beribi  sekejap the house already done! So people if you everyday park your car under the tree there better watch out oh... but no worries one lah.. this type of Honey Bee you no kacao them they not kacao you one lah! Unless you want to take their Honey or their Royal Jelly lah!
Eh talk about this bee right... I remember masa my school time at Pusat Belia there banyak skali lah! and the stadium too. Ngam-ngam there is one time masa the National Day rehearsal at stadium don't know what lah,,maybe is the music sound too loud or what they suddenly takeoff and fly away, We all at the padang everyone lay down on the grass... some runaway and hide. Nasip no one kana sting!!! But I really gali heard their one group flying sound one like macam the 2nd world war airplane!!
Last time when I was a kids always can see them fly now seldom can see already. I think maybe because more and more tree cut off and build housesm shop and road! The honey bee here pun kurang sudah! 

Thanks to Tiong Hung sharing this photo which the office just next to it at Ban 5 there!

This is the new place where they nesting!!

Wait for few more months lah.. BBQ with their honey nyaman tu!!