Ford EcoSport Soft Launching

This is it.... The new Ford EcoSport finally available in Town now. Last weekend just soft launch at the Premier Motor showroom! As I told at my last post HERE it comes with two spec EcoSport 1.5 Trend (auto) and Ecosport 1.5 Titanium (auto)
The prices for the TREND is $27,950 for the Titanium is $29,850 both also under $30k and is only $1.9k different only!
Of coz if for me I take the Titanium one lah.. Alang-alang only $1.9 different better get the Titanium one lah.. Got Sun Roof, Rims and Grill and nicer, Leather seat again, using Smart key and push button start, Rear parking sensor and one of my favorite feature which is a the back seat both side also have their one 12V power point which allow you to charge your phone or any other gadgets!
All I can say this is a perfect Urban SUV for a small family.. talk about a small family this new EcoSport is come with 7 airbags. Is really rare to see cars in Brunei market got comes with 7 airbags with a small family car and some more is under $30K.
Although it is a small SUV but inside the car is not small at all. With my size and hight when I sit at the back of the driver seat it still have a lot of space for me and I even can cross my legs to relax some more! Then again when put down the back seat is big enough to put a washing machine. I think the reason why it has so much space at the back is because the design to put the spare tyre are the rear door lah!! It keep the car to be more higher and more space inside there... hehe this remind me of my Hulkjero!!!