My First Make By My Baby

Is been a long time I don't have a touching feeling right until that day I got a Ketupat that make by my daughter she learn it from the Jolly Phonics school! Me eat until 40 years old already ever know how to make the kerupat now my daughter coming 6 years old can make it. 
Some time I don't ask myself what more do I want.... Money?? Career? Love?? Yes.. all I want but is the past.... Now I think I have everything, even the thing I never had I also not thinking of it anymore!
Now what I want is my two little daughter can healthy and happy to grow up!
So happy that can eat the ketupat she make... when I watching back her video she just a little girl but now she can make the thing that I never came across learn how to make it... I really so proud of her!
Maybe few more years I can taste her first Mata Lembu :) or her first make birthday cake for me...hehehe

Nissan Almera Shopping Dash

Boustead Sdn Bhd having an Almera Shopping Dash Challenge Draw exclusively for customers who have test drive/purchase a Nissan Almera that started from 16th June till 15th July 2014.
With every test drive or purchase of a new Nissan Almera within the promotion period customers will be entitled an exclusive Nissan Power Pank for FREE!!! Some more they all will stand a chance to enter a lucky draw to win Shopping Dasj Challenge.. only 3 lucky winner saja selected to join for the Challenge!!
The three winner fall on Lim Han Liew, Awang Rosli and Dayang Siti!!
The challenge it goes like that... They have to take the trolly start at the Supa Save door there take anything they want(no electrical item) and as much as they can then put all the things in the Nissan Almera time only 8 minutes!! So it has to come with some strategy and you know the items you want where it display! 5 minutes to take as much as you can then 3 minutes from inside Supa Save run to the car and put in the booth!! What ever the items in the car booth is all yours!!

Awesome right... ngam ngam is Hari Raya coming lah wah this can save a lot of raya budget lah! If I'm one of the winner I think I'll take milk powder take until it finish hahahah and then resell it!!
Eh is true one... I think only milk powder is the most expensive one is the supermarket or else you want to take Turkey lah!! Turkey also expensive too.. one bird some time cost nearly to hundred dollars.
If there is a second time got this challenge draw again I sure go and this time bring my whole family to test drive their car!!!

Aladdin On Skates With Local Comedian & Singers

Aladdin On Skates is coming soon and the show now are more fun not just only can see the Aladdin On Skates from Australia but also with the local Comedian and Singers. 
It has the Hanie, Emirul and Beracun!!!
Lol... when every time I heard his name Beracun I start laughing... he is a great comedian I really like him!
So don't miss is great show. 

Need A Sign Or Redesign!!!

I don't know is it just me notice this or what or you also feel the same way too!! There is a lot of this type divider in the middle of the road this is to avoided people make a u-turn, exit or enter to the junction or parking at the road side... You'll easily see this obstacle at Gadong fish market, Abdul Razak complex, Kiulap, Kiarong etc...
Honestly I personally kinda hate this thing sit in the middle of the road! 
 I had see this many times some driver ramp up this thing and the car stuck in the middle of it. I feel like is kind of trap and make people step on it!! If for a big car like for those 4x4 of coz no problem lah coz the car is high..just reverse gear nothing happen.. but for the small car, saloon car, sport car... damn is a nightmare from us!! Similar like a turtle stuck at a rock cannot move!
Stuck is just a small problem.. the worst thing is that it cause the Gear box broken or break the engine oil tank! Who is gonna responsible for that lost?
The reasons why some driver slam up to this obstacle it could be they are drunk, talk to their phone and didn't notice it or maybe saw a ufo fly by at the sky??
The reason of all what I know is people cannot see or know there is a such big trap hiding in the middle of the road. At night it totally invisible especially this one you see in the picture here this is located at Kg Kiarong at night here is dark no lamp post so for the drivers whom is not from this kampong or not often use this road they'll easily run up over!! This accident happen here many time already. 
That is because there is no sign to pointing showing to go left for the driver or some kind of the reflector so at night drives can avoid to hit on it!!
If can... please put one immediately before another accidents happen. Not just here and also for all wherever have this thing!!

Btw.... I think this design also wrong already... it doesn't suitable and not safety at all to built it in that way!! This is totally danger for the road user some how if heavy rain fall it block the water to go away turn out a road become a river! I suggest it redesign or it build like a Roti John!! Or call it Zebra Roti John... 4" inch height  8" wide all the way as long as you can and it has a gap let water pass through.
basically it just like a little tiny small Hump but Long type lah.. Better than now the one here want to make people fall. If the motorcycle user hit this at least they still no fall down from the bike and get hurt right! Let's considerate for the road user safety and life!!!

Cute isn't it my drawing....hehehe

Ford EcoSport Soft Launching

This is it.... The new Ford EcoSport finally available in Town now. Last weekend just soft launch at the Premier Motor showroom! As I told at my last post HERE it comes with two spec EcoSport 1.5 Trend (auto) and Ecosport 1.5 Titanium (auto)
The prices for the TREND is $27,950 for the Titanium is $29,850 both also under $30k and is only $1.9k different only!
Of coz if for me I take the Titanium one lah.. Alang-alang only $1.9 different better get the Titanium one lah.. Got Sun Roof, Rims and Grill and nicer, Leather seat again, using Smart key and push button start, Rear parking sensor and one of my favorite feature which is a the back seat both side also have their one 12V power point which allow you to charge your phone or any other gadgets!
All I can say this is a perfect Urban SUV for a small family.. talk about a small family this new EcoSport is come with 7 airbags. Is really rare to see cars in Brunei market got comes with 7 airbags with a small family car and some more is under $30K.
Although it is a small SUV but inside the car is not small at all. With my size and hight when I sit at the back of the driver seat it still have a lot of space for me and I even can cross my legs to relax some more! Then again when put down the back seat is big enough to put a washing machine. I think the reason why it has so much space at the back is because the design to put the spare tyre are the rear door lah!! It keep the car to be more higher and more space inside there... hehe this remind me of my Hulkjero!!!

New Acer Aspire Switch 10

Flexibility, the keyword for the new IT era, is key in being able to adapt to many changing and demanding needs of Bruneian IT consumers. And with the steady move of our daily computing from old-form desktops and laptops to tablets, especially touch-screen multi-format devices, Acer has made the huge leap in providing one of the best Notebook and Tablet all-in-one device in the ACER Aspire Switch 10.

The ACER Aspire Switch 10, winner of Digital Life Magazine's Editor's Choice 2014 award, will sport the latest Intel Atom processor, 2GB of Ram, 32GB built-in eMMC solid state drive and 500GB HDD, and a 10.1 inch touch-screen LCD with IPS technology. It is also significant to note that the ACER Switch 10 will include Microsoft Office Home and Student pre-installed, making it easier and much more convenient to do work on-the-go.

Fluidly Elegant.
The ACER Aspire Switch 10 knows design doesn’t only live in a static image. Design lives in use. It is the feeling of the metal under fingers, a smooth release, a conveniently slim profile. Acer Snap Hinge™ design is flipping, folding, docking, detaching and all of the activities that ensue.

Delightfully Productive.
The ACER Aspire Switch 10's Intel® Atom™ processor and Microsoft InstantGo means a smooth, fast experience and less time wasted. AcerCloud™ allows you to access your files anywhere on any device. Its more productive, which means you can be too.

Stunningly Vibrant.
The ACER Aspire Switch 10 makes visuals enjoyable in any situation. From a game between airport gates to a TV show caught between classes to an interactive kid's book before goodnight, the Zero Air Gap (direct bonding) and IPS1 technology offer a stunning display for one or many.

Extraordinarily Bright.
Whether you’re an indoors person, an outdoors person, or a bit of both, the Aspire Switch 10 is designed to be used everywhere you go. Its LumiFlex™ display technology provides optimized color control that lets you watch videos and share photos even under the sun.

Immensely Adaptable.
Use the ACER Aspire Switch 10 as a portable tablet, type with its keyboard for productivity, pivot its screen to share a presentation with others, or flip it to watch a movie when space is limited. Switch between laptop, tablet, display screen and tent modes to enhance your work and play.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media, said, “Concepts Computer is proud to introduce to the Bruneian market, the ACER Aspire Switch 10, built for the future and combines flexibility, portability and vibrancy in a package that puts you in control of your work and play on-the-go.” He continued, “Concepts Computer will always step-up to provide the perfect solution from Acer, making sure that it is affordable and well-built, and we believe the ACER Aspire Switch 10 is a good addition to our portfolio of ACER Connected Devices.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive at Concepts Computer, also added, “With Microsoft Office Home and Student pre-installed on all ACER Aspire Switch 10s, that's another cost of productivity that we are providing to customers for free, making sure that our customers will get full functionality at an affordable price.”

The ACER Aspire Switch 10 is available at Concepts Computer for $618 only and comes with a free detachable 


VLADIMIR SMICER is a very popular legend footballer for his long-range goal. ONCE AGAIN let's watch him rock the football field. Grab your ticket now! You may visit S-Team Solutions office accross Time Square Mall or 

Special Ayam Panggang

Oh.. this two weeks my time table is up side down. From morning to until 2pm the daily routine time schedule has totally chance due to the ramadhan month. Morning send kids to school then send my wife to work.. then reach back home less than an hour again have to go school cari parking and pickup my kids. Then again all restaurant cannot eat only can tapao really inconvenient. Before can meet up people in the coffee shop to deal some thing.. now what also cannot!  Everyday I have to skip my breakfast and do nothing in the morning. Again afternoon still no time for myself coz my kids extra class also move forward and start early so again have to rush here and there, Then when the time class finish already is my wife finish work have to pick her up!
This month my timing really is a mass! All my own thing cannot do... Coverage also no time. By the time I can relax I also lazy to go out... even update my blog I also not like last time.
I even rejected 12 restaurant of the invited for their Sungkai Buffet. Feel really sorry that cannot coverage it and share with you all. I really hope that the Ramadhan can faster finish and I can start it over again my normally daily life! Lucky today is PH and is a long holiday now I can really sit down and relax update this post!! In fact I have to update it 3 days ago which I mention it in my fb but really so sorry I no time for that! 

So let's share this Ayam Panggang to you all! What so Special about this Special Ayam Panggang?
At first I also don't know what so special. Is my wife's friend told her there is an hut selling grill chicken at Kg.Mata-Mata which is very nice. So that day we're in the rush and need to tapao food back home for dinner so ngam-ngam we came across to this area so we when to find it.
Is not that hard to find this place... It just located at Simpang 54 which can see their yellow hut from the Kg. Mata-Mata main road!
The main food their selling is the grill chincken..One whole grill chicken is $7.00 only which I think is cheap lah. A fresh one selling at supermarket some time also cost $6.00 above depends of the size!
Here only $7.00.. buy one tapao home for dinner I think is worth it lah!
So back to the question.. What so special about this Special Ayam Panggang?
All I can say is their are using Charcoal to grill it. Not like others using oven or gas!!
This is 100% using charcoal to grill so that's why it have a natural bbq aroma with their chicken!
And the chicken also taste different then other especially like those at Pasar Malam the chicken yellow/orange color type! Some more the chicken seasoning deep deep cukup taste inside!
Only one thing is I think is a bit dry lah but still ok got little juicy. thumbs up!
 They also have nasi katok which is also $1.00 saja comes with one piece of ayam panggang and rice!
Btw... sorry about my picture here coz is a raining day.. is wet and low light can't take nice picture to show you their chicken!
Bah hope you guys like my this post to share with you all...  

This is the place of the Special Ayam Panggang!! 

Simpang 54.. from the main from kg. mata-mata can spot them!!

Next time I want to try their Nasi Katok Ayam Panggang.. only $1,00 saja! 

You can choose Cut or No Cut to tapao the whole chicken.. ofcoz normally people requested to chop one lah.. Go home tarus can eat ma!!

Pick your favorite parts of chicken for your Nasi Katok! 

They also have selling Hati Buyah!!! I try it already.. Not bad!! 

See..... no tipu you one!! they use charcoal to cook their chicken!

Concepts Computer makes IT Shopping SIMPLER !

 In a step to help IT consumers in Brunei Darussalam, Concepts Computer will be offering easy to browse pre-made IT bundles, where each bundle will have different products on offer and will be priced accordingly. Each bundle will include a great range of items from many branded IT names and pricing will range from $18 all the way $1188.

 This is the first time IT bundles like these are offered by local retailers in Brunei Darussalam, and Concepts Computer is looking to make customers shopping experience as easy as possible, as these IT bundles are great as gifts for friends and families, too.

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer, speaking to the media said, “We have noticed that consumers are having trouble with all the choice available in the Bruneian IT market, especially with so many name brands being offered at great prices, we thought that we could make it simpler by putting together a few items and pricing them affordably.” He continued, “We will be including items like Notebooks, Smart Phones, Smart Tablets, external hard-disks, pendrives, portable power-banks, speakers; from a wide variety of brands like Acer, Apacer, Kingston, Logitech and many others.” 

Zul also noted that this is a step-up in the right direction, since many new IT users are stepping forward, from the very old to the very young, trying to improve their IT literacy, while all the many choices would be highly confusing so these pre-made IT bundles would make their choice easier to make. For more information on the Concepts Computer IT bundles mentioned, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/233552/2233553.

Casting Call For Audition

Casting Call for Audition
Are you keen on acting
A Short Film Project
The Conscience
Seria, KB District
3rd August 2014
Seria, Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC)
Theatre Room
Address: F20 Jalan Tengah, Seria KB3534, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Walk-in Registration
Time: 9:00am – 9:45am
For participants who preferred walk-in registration, please proceed to the reception counter in the OGDC Theatre Room at 9:00am. Registration will be close at 9:45am.
Online Registration
For online registration, please complete the details below and submit to “”.

General requirements:
• Applicants must be in the age range of 18 to 35 (Male/Female)
• Mandarin-speaking
• No acting experience required
• Have a keen interest in acting and film production
• Able to show strong commitment

Date of Birth:
Location (District):
Hobbies & Interests:

Kindly attach one decent portrait photo of yourself (not necessarily passport photo).
The Audition
Time: 10:00am – 12.00pm
All participants must arrive by 9:45am on the event date. Click HERE to their Facebook


PATRIK BERGER noted for his powerful strikes is COMING for the third time in BRUNEI playing for EPL MASTERS FOOTBALL on 27 September 2014. Come and join us for this BIG EVENT this year. Grab your ticket now! You may visit S-Team Solutions office accross Time Square Mall or 

From BAN 5 Move To Beribi

Hey bruthers.. do you remember my last post about the Bees at MayDay Monday eh here got to be continue one. 
After the heavy rain the bee takeoff a fly away to look for new place to nesting! About 5:30pm one of my friend he saw a group of bee flying around a tree where near his office! And then less than 15 minutes the bee nest sudah jadi look like at the moment their home is that! 
You sure where is the place right?? Is some where near the Brunei Press a big tree there lah! Wah so fast oh from Ban 5 fly to Beribi  sekejap the house already done! So people if you everyday park your car under the tree there better watch out oh... but no worries one lah.. this type of Honey Bee you no kacao them they not kacao you one lah! Unless you want to take their Honey or their Royal Jelly lah!
Eh talk about this bee right... I remember masa my school time at Pusat Belia there banyak skali lah! and the stadium too. Ngam-ngam there is one time masa the National Day rehearsal at stadium don't know what lah,,maybe is the music sound too loud or what they suddenly takeoff and fly away, We all at the padang everyone lay down on the grass... some runaway and hide. Nasip no one kana sting!!! But I really gali heard their one group flying sound one like macam the 2nd world war airplane!!
Last time when I was a kids always can see them fly now seldom can see already. I think maybe because more and more tree cut off and build housesm shop and road! The honey bee here pun kurang sudah! 

Thanks to Tiong Hung sharing this photo which the office just next to it at Ban 5 there!

This is the new place where they nesting!!

Wait for few more months lah.. BBQ with their honey nyaman tu!!

Mayday Monday!!!

Mayday... Mayday..... is Monday why so many happen in one day!!
First is suddenly see the bee under my friends shop roof... then is heavy rain.. then road flooded (lucky no serious) then the next thing is the AK278 slide out from runway...  wow lucky all the passenger safe no hurt! 
About the Bees as it they know something gonna happen in that day. My friend told me at the morning suddenly the bomba came to behind his workshop then he baru know that the next block shop people call the bomba people to come! but just see see look look only cannot do anything, it say that the bees is just temporally fly over here and rest not nesting!! This bees macam very cleaver oh.. they know the storm is coming soon. After I leave the place just 10 minutes only the sky started raining like waterfall.... sampai on my way back home passing Istana road there the road also like become river! lucky I use my Hulkjero and the flood no so bad I safely reach home..
Just reach home not so long haven't sit down warm the sofa at I start received the AK278 photos!!!
Then everyone in IG and FB sharing the photo!! Lucky all the passengers everyone safe if the plane crash that one really jialat lo... I don't know we can handle this situation or not!! 
Then in the social network some people started to put their comment not need go through water filter one blame this blame that... all their AK47 and M16 shooting AirAsia. 
They don't concern about the passengers are they safe or not. What it the reason it slip? 
For me... I only think that the Pilot he steady!! He saved all the people life in the plane!!
Hey Pilot AK278 you are the man! I give to a "LIKE" here

Eh... talk about this plane crash right... I really really wondering can we handle it? Do we have enough pro people to do it ka? The rescue team... Bomba... Ambulance.. Doctors and nurse at hospital, Bed and room for the patients, Press conference for all the media, contact the passenger family... wa wa wa so many things have to do and all is in suddenly without warning one!!
I think we should take this as a lesson and learn how to handle it lo. 
I believe that we living here are blessed one... SARS, Birflu, N1H1, Earthquake, Tsunami. Typhoon macam-macam all this we didn't kana one!! So safe to living here that's why I really proud I'm born here.    

When my friend show me his shop back door and told me to look up... I wonder why there has a Mud on top over there. Then I look carefully the mud it move baru I realize is Bee... hehehe

Is really rare to see bee like that!!! If it show four number I sure rush to limbang now! lol

On my way back home....

Watching the New At 10!!