Where Should I Put The Hulk Hand?

Remember that day I bought a #Hulk hand at #Perth Toy R Us and I told you that I want to put on my #Hulkjero ? Actually the first concepts I want to put on the snorkel there and make a hole let the air go in but after I try on it look ugly coz he pipe look too small as an arm!! So my Plan A no success already and now I have to think here should I put the hand! Then I try to put on the roof.. some of the reader said is good looking there but now I think is like a Bunny's ears!! Hahaahah Hulk with bunny ears that's hilarious lah... cannot cannot!!
Then I try third places which is where you see the last photo!! I still not know sure this is good look or not!! aiya... I think this project have to postpone first lah.. wait until I see some good idea in google then I try it one more time lah! 

 Heheheh... look isn't it look like a bunny ears there! LOL fail lah...

This is the last one idea I may put lah.. but see how first!!! What do you think?