#VisitPerth2014 Day 6

This is my family trip #VisitPerth2014 day 6. And today we decided to go day trip at Fremental. Visit Fremental the best day is weekend coz the market only open at Saturday and Sunday. In the market they selling a lot of fresh local veges and fruits.
Me I like to look for other stuff like very unique one.. I found one guys selling the Indian's hat very cool and I know this is very hard to find but too bad it selling $200.00 a bit expensive lah... Maybe I come back fewore years lah! In the market there also have a lot of nice foods. I alwasy buy the sausage there a man use a giant pan to cook the sausages.. Yummy! 
It has a lot of things to see and buy there.. Just slowly walk and open your eyes looking around you'll find some Treasure in there!
Outside the market some time also have people do street performance! Today I go I saw a man use his blow pipe to play his one song... And his blow pipe got fire out from the pipe!! So cool... Look so rock lah.. His name is The BadPiper !!! Go his website see see look look!! After the market we walk around at the Fremental town... Then around 5 plus we makan at the Kailis for their Seafood Platter and the Seafood Chowder... Of coz the Oyster is a must again lah... Hehehe
Inside the Frememtal Market!! Macam-macam ada here selling!!

I really like the Indian's hat!! So Cool lah... and not often see this thing selling. $200.00 oh... Cannot lah I still have many days here cannot buy it! Next time I come  I'll bring extra cash here. :(

Yes that's the one... His sausage is yummy! And look at his pan!! Huge right! 

Watch out his man!! The BadPiper really cool... Do checkout his performance in youtube he did at Australia Got Talend too

Is makan time at Kailis!! Come here must try their Fish&Chips!! 

I lost count how many oysters I eat today liao... Yummy and so fresh!!!

This is scallop and chips!!! 

Just order this Seafood Platter is enough for 4 person makan sudah!!