#VisitPerth2014 Day 5

Day 5...yeah this is the day my kids waiting for!! They are going to see the Kangaroo and the koala!!! They been waiting this for long time already since at Brunei bising bising wanted to go! There is 2 place in perth you can see kangaroo. One is at the Perth Zoo another one is at Cavesham Wildlife Park!! If you want to touch and feed the kangaroo and koala come to the Cavesham is the best place!!  Perth Zoo is like other zoo it has the animal from around the world but Cavesham is all about the Australia animal only!! From the Perth city it takes about 40-45 minutes drive to Cavesham Wildlife Park.. But first we went to eat breakfast Dimsum at Vic Park Emma's Seafood Restauarnt!! At Victoria Park it has a lot of restaurant and halal food restaurant also can find there too! Bah come scroll down I show you my day 5 trip here...

This is the Chinese food restaurant serve Dimsum in the morning! Emma's seafood Restauarnt. Just the next 2 door also have a Chinese BBQ Restauarnt their roasted duck very good!! 

Here we are at the Cavesham Wildlife Park!! Adult $25.00 Child $11.00. This place can spend your half day time! Better come at 12 noon coz you are catch the right time see the farm show and feeding the koala!! 

Inside the park you also can find Halal foods!! So for the Muslim friends not need to worries hungry!! Awesome right! 

When we arrived ngam ngam is show time demo how to shave the sheep!! 

After the show we go see the kangaroo. Very luck spot this white kangaroo her baby came out his head... Very cute!! 

Some other very lazy and having sunbathing... So relax!!! 

My kids very exciting feeding them! 

Here is Molly's Farm where you can touch and taking photo with the kambing, horse and lama!! 

Be careful when you walk here... You may step on some fresh Black Gold.. Hehehe

Koala feeding time!! Look the koala so good girl give me a nice pose to take her photo!! 

FYI do not touch their foods if not they don't want to eat the leaf because it have your hand's smell 

After the park on our way back home we saw hundred of wild kangaroo looking for their foods at the open field!!! Can't show you the full picture here coz I was driving at the time!! 

We did not go home straightaway, we went to perth city makan. Tonight is Friday night so the shop mostly open till 9pm. 

Spot this cute yellow small size pickup park at road side! Classic lah..

Tonight we went to Tony Roma's for dinner!! 

Lucky we didn't go home take shower and come here... Just about 10 minutes we sit the house is full!!! 

Today also is my wife birthday and our wedding anniversary!! Just buy a small cake and go home let the kids play blow the candles!!