#VisitPerth2014 Day 4

Come to Australia there is a please must come visit which is their Winery!!! At perth here it has a lot of winery especially at the Swan Valley that area!! Both side of the road you can easily found the grape tree but the most famous one is the Sandelford lah...they are one of the finest wine at Western Australia here. I came here before already, it was 4 years ago but that time we came quite late already and also not in the right timing of the tour. This time we came early and follow their tour it show us how they making the wine!! Each person only have to pay for $16.00 and you can have wine testing! If just wanna wine testing saja just pay $10.00 only! Is quite intersting lah... Not bad!!! Now I just know that their wine barrel are from France and one barrel cost $1.5k to $2k and only use for 3 times. Then after that the barrel sell to people who making rum, whisky. I used to love wine before but now I only like beer especially the Pale Ale!! After the winery we went to Mash to having lunch!! It just few minutes drive up again to north from the Sandalford winery!! Mash is a restaurant which they have brewed their own beer!! They also have US Pale Ale too!! Yeah.. That my famous aroma of the beer! Is smell like a fruit...awesome lah!! After our late lunch we went to a home made ice-cream cafe!! We came here also 4 years ago and this time we bring other member here which is my second daughter lah! The owner still look the same and wearing blue polo shirt!! Hehehe look like no turn old at all!! Oggies Ice-Cream Cafe there is 2 ice-cream you must try which is their chocolate and Bubble Gum flavor!! I personal like his bubble gum one.. Really taste like bubble gum hehehe of coz cannot blow bubble lah. After that we went to Cuddly Animal Farm. This is a small farm which can let your kids to feed and play with them!! But again to late liao... Only left 15 minutes and they close! So didn't pay.. Just see see look look saja!! Never mind lah... Tomorrow we going to Caversham Wildlife Park there have kangaroo you can touch and a small farm name Molly's Farm which also can hug and play with too!! 

We arrived at Sandelford Winery!! This is the entrance! You can actually go around the grape garden take picture not need to pay one... That's why got many couple come here and take wedding photo!! 

Is wine testing time!! If you are a good drinker like me of coz can tahan lah... Or else you will get drunk here. Walaupun is just a small amount of the wine they gave but to test it all you eventually having 3 to 4 glass if wine liao!! 

So this is not recommended to swallo it all the wine... Here is you can spit out the wine in your mouth lah!! 

After you testing the wine and here is where you buy the wine which you like just now you testing! 

Wine making tour!!! Too bad is not their grape season! So cannot see how the press the grape juice and who they processing the wine! 

Here is the place we had lunch!! Mash they make their own beer!! Awesome....

Not hard to find the Mash!! Is just next to the Oasis Resort!! 

This is where they make their own beer... Just behind their counter where they take your order!! 

This is what I taking!! The US Pale Ale! Look at the color or the beer! Is a bit darker than lager (tiger beer, Heineken) and it has a fruity smell!! 

Each of us order our own food!! All size XL one!! 

This is another stop... The Oggies Ice-Cream cafe!!! They make their own ice-cream!! 

This is my ice-cream!! Top is bubble gum and bottom is mint chocolate chips. This is double single kid's scoop. The kids scoop already so big... If adult scoop I wonder how it look!! 

Welcome to Cuddly Animal Farm!!! 

This is the last photo of the day!! The Perth Sunset!!